Friday, October 18, 2013

Day 291: OUAT vs. Disney World

I made a startling revelation the other day. And I mean it, but it all makes so much sense now.

You see, for the past few weeks I have been going absolutely INSANE about Once Upon a Time. And I mean, INSANE (and you'll see even more of that in a couple of days...just you wait). But what makes a lot of sense is that I'm still in a stage of Disney Depression...and Once Upon a Time is getting caught up in the middle of it.

You see, we've talked multiple times about how Disney Depression works, but apparently I'm in the stage right now still where I don't want to hear anything about Disney. Nothing at all. A few months ago that was totally different. I couldn't hear enough about Disney...and now I don't even want to go through my blogger feed because I know all the stuff will be there. So I have all this free thinking space, and obviously need something to think about.

So what do I start thinking about? Once Upon a Time.

It makes sense, right? I have all this empty brain that needs something to think about and it just so happens that OUAT is right there and being all awesome and I just can't handle it and therefore, instead of thinking about Disney, I think about Once Upon a Time.

Now honestly, I'm kind of getting annoyed with it. Especially after this last week (I'm actually writing this on October 27, after Good Form, because college gets the best of all of us), where I was continuously freaking out just about every day. Granted...those spoilers of a CaptainSwan kiss and the fact that the episode was entirely about my favorite character were not helping, but still. Is this what others feel like when I talk about Disney all the time?

Ponderings aside, I obviously need to move on with my Disney Depression. Too bad that doesn't exactly happen in a flash. Recovering takes some serious time. Leaving Disney and not being there for a number of months is terrible (Actually by the time I get back it will have been almost a year, so I'm not even halfway yet).

Gosh, these next few months are going to be terrible. The big question right now though? What's gonna happen in a month and a half when Once goes on it's mid-season Hiatus?

Here's today's Disney History: 1967: Disney's 19th animated feature film The Jungle Book has its general release. Rudyard Kipling's classic tale of the jungle is the last animated feature personally supervised by Walt Disney (who passed away during the film's production).

Have a magical day!