Friday, October 25, 2013

Day 298: #ProudMomentsOfLizziesLife

I really hope this is different from any previous post I've done because I really just did a search through my entire blog for key words that go along with this, and while I found a couple posts that are kind of similar, one specifically, I don't think I've had a blog post on this specifically, so it get the honor of being it's own post!

Here's the backstory and explanation as to what the title of this post means:

Whenever I'm texting or talking with my friends, they will sometimes make a reference to something Disney, whether it be a quote or a saying from a movie or something about the parks that I really didn't think they knew. They surprise me with them all the time now, meaning that, as I've discussed before, I've done a great job teaching them about all things Disney, especially since for the most part, my friends have never been to Disney World (and certainly not as often as I have).

So when these moments arise, I have a saying, and I'm sure you can guess what that saying it. Yep, you guessed it, Proud Moments of Lizzie's Life, although I tend to put it in a hashtag because that's just how it works.

But now I'll share a few of the recent Disney references that they've come up with and have made me smile:

Dole Whip: 

Today one of my friends had surgery at the dentist, meaning that her diet now consists of everything and anything that you don't need to chew...mostly shakes and pudding and jello and the such. Earlier when I was asking them what I should write about for this blog post (and others), her only comment was: "What to eat after you go to the dentist Disney connection? A dole whip would be nice right about now." Yes, a proud moment of Lizzie's Life indeed.

Movie Quotes: 

These seem to come up all the time, and some more than others. For instance, when I go back to see my High School Band perform, sometimes I'll ask "How's it Goin'," in which someone will respond, "Same as always" and I'll reply "That bad huh?" Yeah, Star Wars for the win. And it goes right hand in hand with the fact that whenever I see one of my friends I'll be like "I love you" and she always responds "I know."

But tonight when I was texting my friend we were talking about decisions people make and she added in "A terrible decision really," and I just sat and laughed. Flynn Rider always has the best quotes if you ask me.

Disney History: 

Today at lunch there was a Proud Moment of Lizzie's Life when I was telling one of my new college friends about Disney and showing her a few pictures of my last trip to Disney because we were talking about something or another and got onto the topic of Disney, because, really, when don't I get on the topic of Disney? Anyway, one of the pictures was this one:

And my college friend goes "Some guy with Minnie Mouse" and I responded "Roy Disney," to which Megan replied "Walt Disney's Brother?" Yes, yet another moment that makes Lizzie Proud.

But then there are the random times in which my references are lost on them. I mean, yesterday we were talking about our deaths approaching with finals, and Megan and I decided we would share a Crypt....and of course a wealth of Haunted Mansion references popped into my head, from "No Mourning, Please" to "The Crypt Doors Creak" and back to the numerous headstone sayings. Yeah, I wish they would understand my jokes sometimes, but maybe after we all go to Disney they'll totally get more of them!

For now, let's just continue having #ProudMomentsOfLizziesLife

Here's today's Disney History: 1971: The formal dedication of Walt Disney World in Florida takes place with Walt's Brother Roy O. Disney officiating. The park has been open since October 1. Standing alongside Roy O. Disney during the dedication in Town Square is Mickey Mouse. A grand opening parade down Main Street USA, featuring a 1076 piece band and led by Music Man Meredith Wilson (the composer of 76 Trombones) kicks off at 2 p.m.

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on November 19 due to time restrictions).