Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Day 309: The Good & Bad

Well, it looks like I have good and bad news today. Depending on how you look at it.

Let's go with the bad news first, even though really for you there is little reason for it to be bad news. I'm procrastinating again, and I know it. It's probably because we had today off though, and when you have a day like that (especially one that's super rainy and dark by the time you get to three o'clock), you just don't want to do anything, much less do a bunch of homework. Either way, after this I swear I'll do my work.

But before that, the good news. I think I might be finally returning somewhat to normal. Not that I've ever been "normal," but are any of us, really? You see, for the last seven or so weeks I've been seriously crazy about Once Upon A Time, as if you couldn't figure that out. I think it's mostly due to several reasons:

1. My friends all watch the show, so therefore I can logically talk to them about it. When I talk about Disney they just don't understand. Which is fine, and I get really proud when they pick up on little things I've said, but you just can't do that all the time. So now I've got something that we can all talk about together.

2. I've been in Disney Depression, but here's the bright side and good news of today's post!

I think I might be finally getting over it. For the first time in those seven weeks I read the weekly AllEars Newsletter, and I think I may actually go read the news on AllEars from Disney, much like I did back when I was still at HS. It was like my morning routine. Come to school, go to the business lab where I spent my morning, sit down, open my blog and AllEars, and read the latest Disney News. I was sitting and thinking about that tonight and was like, "Wait, why don't you do that anymore?"

Seriously, if I'm procrastinating on my homework I might as well make it useful. So I guess now I really want to read stuff. On a semi-side note: Disney Depression sucks. More than the fact that Once this week legit broke my heart. Poor Hook.

Today's Frumpstagram post was entitled "Gertie," which for those of you that know the Disney Parks, means the wonderful Gertie the Dinosaur, who makes her home at Hollywood Studios on the side of Echo Lake. Yep, that Gertie. Now I honestly searched for a while for a picture of this dino, but could not find one anywhere. And since I have a pretty good rule about not posting any Disney World pictures that aren't my on Instagram, I had to come up with an alternative. And then it occurred to me! Park Maps! So I took a little trip to the Disney Maps and found Gertie!

Here's today's Disney History: 1990: The Yacht Club Resort (the twin sister to the Beach Club Resort) opens at 1700 Epcot Resorts Blvd in Walt Disney World. Located just west of Epcot, the hotel is set around a 25-acre lake. The deluxe resort resembles the New England seaboard hotels of the late 1800s.

Have a magical day!