Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Day 331: Frozen

This is kind of strange for me, since previous to today, I've only seen one Disney Movie on it's opening day...ever. That movie, actually a Disney Pixar Movie, was Up, and I saw it with my Middle School Jazz Band at the Drive In Theater in Eighth Grade. But my fellow music majors and I have been freaking out about Frozen for weeks now, so when we were discussing when we were going to see it I had to make a decision. Either I go to see it over Thanksgiving break or feel completely out of place...and I'm supposed to be the Disney obsessed one!

So it was decided that I would go see it over Thanksgiving break, and since the rest of break is so crazy, it left me with one choice of day: Opening Day. Perfectly fine by me because I was so excited, and that now means that I have plenty of time to go see it again, and drag my best friends along with me.

You see, I adored this movie, and certainly recommend going to see it. The music has been stuck in my head all day (and yesterday too honestly, before I even saw the movie), the entire thing was funny, with adorable characters and a plot twist that I did NOT see coming. Plus it isn't a regular Princess movie as many people might think. Similar to Tangled, it's not the cookie-cutter Princess Movie. Instead of being about finding a prince, although Anna does plenty of that, the story is ultimately about the power of family and the love that family members share, meaning that it's absolutely perfect for Thanksgiving.

Plus, and I'll talk about this some other time more in depth when I make Round 2 of my Love Triangle Theory, we have just that, a love triangle! That's something we haven't had in a Disney movie before (at least not that I can think of off the top of my head), and it made me insanely excited! And I may or may not have found several little moments where I'm like "THAT APPLIES TO CAPTAINSWAN!" Yeah, it was a great time.

But by far my favorite part was how relateable the entire thing was for me. My friends and I are always putting Tangled references into our lives, but it's like this movie made references to us! Not the other way around! Like we have our little jokes with one another and seriously so many of them were in this movie and I could not help but continuously say "Megan needs to see this!" because it's just that funny!

I also Disneybounded for the showing I went to, although the theater was really not busy at all, so no one other than me really saw it, but you see it now, so that's good! If you can't tell I was Disneybounding as Anna, with my blue dress, pink scarf, black leggings and boots (those last two of which you can't see). I also had my hair in braids kind of like she does, only I don't have bangs so that was kind of difficult.

And when we came out of the theater things were, shall we say, Frozen! That's right, we had our first actual snowfall, which, for me, means that one has to drive way slower on the way home. It was awesome though, and totally fit the music we had playing all the way home...which I'm sure you can guess based on this blog post what that music was. And finally, to be honest, I can't even figure out which of them is my favorite character. I LOVE EVERYONE!

Overall, I think that, to a point, the film resembles Tangled, but it's in a way I can't quite pinpoint. I mean, it has the whole locked away in a tower/castle thing, the "I want to be free" thing, the magic, the adventure and the death solved by true love, but otherwise the story is very, very different, and I loved every moment of it. You can bet I'll be seeing Frozen again!

Frumpstagram asked "What's Cookin'?" and my only response can be pie...and lots of it! A year ago (ok, a little less than a year ago) I was at Disney eating that Apple Pie right there, for Thanksgiving Dinner. And since there's always plenty of pie at Walt Disney World, I think that more than counts for today's picture!

Here's today's Disney History: 1955: Bill Nye the Science Guy is born in Washington, D.C. Besides appearing on an episode of Disney Channelg's MMC, Nye acted as a science consultant for the 1997 feature Flubber. A comedian, TV Host, Science educator and mechanical engineer, Nye appears in Ellen's Energy Adventure in Epcot and provides the voice in the "antiquated" museum preshow to Animal Kingdom's Dinosaur. Nye also appears in the "Design Lab" of CyberSpace Mountain inside DisneyQuest at WDW where he refers to himself as "Bill Nye the Coaster Guy."

Have a magical day!