Friday, November 29, 2013

Day 333: For Everyone

We all know I love Tangled. I love that movie like I love everything Disney...well, ok, more like I love Disney World and Once Upon a Time. It's in that high category of things I super love. So of course I have the movie here with me at college. I'm pretty sure I couldn't last without it (I think I've watched it twice since coming to college...).

But the other day Megan asked me if I had it home with me. She didn't have her own copy of it and her dad had seen the beginning part of it on ABC recently and wanted to watch the whole movie. Of course, I didn't have it, but a quick trip to shopko quickly fixed her problem.

When she asked me if I had it or not though we had a discussion about how we think it's awesome that Disney can make a movie that literally everyone wants to watch. Something that little kids love, us teenagers adore and will still interest our parents and other adults. That's not something everyone can accomplish, but yet it continues to be something Disney does time and time again.

I've probably blogged about this before actually, but I just had to bring that story up, about how her dad wanted to watch it. I thought it was awesome and kind of funny all at the same time. I actually spent most of the day working around our house (I'm actually writing this on December 3rd because I've just been so darn busy). We were making Christmas Cookies and setting up the Christmas tree and stuff. I filmed a bunch of it so there should be a new video up on my YouTube channel for that soon! =)

It's one of the last days of Frumpstagram, and today's prompt is "SHOPPING!" Obviously, because it is Black Friday, after all. So that works. I was going through my pictures and although I really wanted to do a picture of one of the actual stores, I couldn't find any before Facebook crashed. So I grabbed this picture instead, because my Han Solo in Carbonate was something I bought, and this picture just looks awesome...and it's in a store, at Disney. So it works.

Here's today's Disney History: 1934: Macy's Christmas Parade (later to be called the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade) features the first set of Disney balloons. Joining Mickey Mouse for the stroll down Broadway in New York City are Pluto, the Big Bad Wolf, and one of the Three Little Pigs, constructed by the Goodyear Rubber Company, Mickey measures over 50 feet tall.

Have a magical day!