Sunday, November 17, 2013

Day 321: A History Book

My family is currently in the process of cleaning out our basement so we can finish it. Yeah, my house may be big, but without that basement, it really isn't big at all. Anyways, the latest project was finishing my mom's craft room, meaning that when that's finished the total of rooms finished moves up to like 2 and a half (because one of the finished rooms is just a storage room, so does that really count?) While cleaning out a small portion of the room next door to that, the room that will eventually become a theater room, my parents came across box after box of books, one of which had a bunch of old textbooks, which happened to be from my Great Grandma and a few from my Grandma.

I wasn't home at the time, but my mom was telling me about how they had found all these books, so when I was home this weekend I went and looked through them, including the box filled with old textbooks. There were a bunch of random ones in there, but the first one I happened to pull out (probably because it was sitting on top) was a book titled "The United States: A History for the Upper Grades of Catholic Schools."

This book was probably the one that interested me for two reasons. First off, as you know if you've been reading my blog for a long time, history is one of my favorite subjects thanks to, namely, Spaceship Earth and The American Adventure. So the history aspect seems obvious. But second, I'm currently studying racism in the Catholic Church in my Theology class, and one of the things I wrote down in my notes when watching a movie the other day was about history books, so it was really interesting to see how a history book from the 1920's is so different from a history book of today. I mean, thinking about it, World War II hadn't happened, meaning Pearl Harbor did not yet occur, The Great Depression hadn't happened yet, nor had the Cold War or Civil Rights Movement. JFK wasn't even born much less assassinated yet. Yeah, it was pretty interesting.

But how does this relate back to Disney? Well, I already referenced it. Within the first ten pages of the book I felt like I was on Spaceship Earth, and I'm actually watching my recording of it as I write this because, well, I love that attraction. Let's take a closer look at a few of the things mentioned in this textbook so you can see what I mean:

"They [the Egyptians] manufactured a kind of paper from the papyrus plant, which grew in the Nile. From the name of this plant has come our word 'paper.'"

"The Egyptians and the Babylonians had thus begun the development of many of the industries and sciences which form the basis of our civilization to-day. Between these two peoples on the extreme eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea lived another people, the Phoenicians...Nothing they carried with them was of so great importance as their alphabet, which they may have adopted from the natives of the island of Crete. In this alphabet signs represented sound and replaced the picture writing of the Egyptians and of the Babylonians. These signs are the basis of our modern alphabet."

Those were the big two, but the book goes on to describe the Greeks and the Romans. After that the book gets more indepth the closer to the year it was printed it becomes. I really think it's interesting because those are things I did NOT learn in my own classes in school. Those are all things that I learned from DISNEY.

Funny how Spaceship Earth can be a History textbook.

Frumpstagram for today called for an "action shot," and honestly I can't think of an action shot better than one from Indiana Jones. It's seriously one of my absolute favorite shows at Disney World, and I try to see it as often as I can. Hopefully when I go with my band I can get a group of people together to go see it and we can all meet Indiana Jones!!!

Here's today's Disney History: 2007: New versions of two classic board games are revealed at Once Upon a Toy in the Downtown Marketplace in Florida. Disney Theme Park Edition Monopoly and Disney Theme Park Tower of Terror Clue both premiere at the special event with guests and Game Artists, Quhyn Kimball and Cody Reynolds from the Disney Design Group.

Have a magical day!