Saturday, November 23, 2013

Day 327: Jennifer Morrsion

To be honest, I had no clue what I was going to blog about today. Like no idea at all. But this morning, yes this is a backstory first, I got an email from my saxophone professor asking me if we could switch my lesson to tomorrow instead of Monday. I was like "yeah, sure" although I honestly do the bulk of my practicing on Sunday and Monday, so that kind of messed things up. It also meant that I had to go to the practice rooms tonight to practice my alto.

So I'm sitting there practicing, and when I do practice, I spend about an hour and a half there and take little breaks here and there to clear my mind and keep me focused overall on the music. I find I get more accomplished if I take two or three 10 minute breaks in there, meaning that I still get an hour of practicing in every time I go. Sometimes I'll play piano (Disney music of course, but that's another post), and once and a while I'll go on my phone and watch YouTube videos.

In one of my breaks tonight I was doing just that, watching a YouTube video. I was scrolling through my suggestions for videos and happened to come across one that said Jennifer Morrison on Ellen. I was like "Oh, ok, let's watch." So I did. And then I LEGIT FREAKED OUT.

Here's the video, it pauses weird once and a while, but just stick with it:


Ok, so for those that might not totally understand, Jennifer Morrison is on Once Upon a Time (she plays the Main Character for goodness sakes), and that's why she was on Ellen. It all starts off with like the welcome and how they play Poker together and I'm like "I just love her hair and she's so adorable being all excited." And they talk a bit about Once and Vancouver and stuff and that's all nice and then...oh god. 

She grew up in a Disney family...apparently...and WENT TO DISNEY WORLD 27 TIMES BY THE TIME SHE WAS 18. 


To sum this up: Jennifer Morrison is now my favorite actress. 

And to top it off she continues to talk on about her trips and mentions Epcot (and my best friend noted that she said Epcot Center and that means that she was legit a true fan) and then SHE EVEN MENTIONS SPACESHIP EARTH (Ok...kind of...BUT STILL). AND THEN SHE MENTIONED FASTPASSES! 

If this is what death feels like then I'm perfectly ok with it. 

So seriously....this was awesome. And MADE MY WEEK and I'm like bouncing off the walls right now I'm so excited. OH GOD. This means that there's a strong possibility that at some point in my life I have been at Disney World at the same time as Jennifer Morrison when we were kids. AHHHHHHHHH....

Today's Frumpstagram theme is "Character Overload," so I went into my "Once Upon a Time" album on my Facebook page, which has a bunch of old pictures from when I was little and at Disney and I took all the character pictures there were and put them together. That counts, right? The middle picture is my favorite picture from my childhood like...ever. It's just so adorable. 

Here's today's Disney History: 1994: Epcot's Spaceship Earth reopens with a new narration by actor Jeremy Irons and a new ride score by Edo Guidotti. It is the attractions third version. 

Have a magical day!