Thursday, November 28, 2013

Day 332: What I'm Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Today is a day for us Americans to all celebrate what we're thankful for, and I'm thankful for a heck of a lot of things. But besides the normal things, such as family, friends, my cat and food, there are a bunch of other things I'm thankful for, so here's my top five!

5. Once Upon A Time

Let's just take a moment to thank everyone who works on Once Upon A Time for bringing us fans such a great and wonderful show each and every week. Honestly I think that the cast of Once is one of the best out there, and I hope they think they've got the best fans. Although we do get kind of crazy sometime (even I have unfollowed all kinds of people to avoid more spoilers), and I may get upset when there's a lack of CaptainSwan, I still love everyone!

4. Disney Movies

This takes into account Disney movies of all kinds, meaning that the Disney Parks Vacation Planning DVD's totally count too! I mean, just think about all those awesome movies we have! Beauty and the Beast, Princess and the Frog, Lady and the Tramp (gosh, on a "and the" thing here), Tangled and the newest addition, Frozen! And one can't forget about all the amazing Pixar films!

3. The Disney Band Trip

To be honest, I am SUPER SUPER THANKFUL for Disney Performing Arts giving us this opportunity to perform at Walt Disney World, and to the Seymour High School Band for putting in all the hard work to get us there. My dream has always been to march down Main Street USA, and that's something I never thought I'd be able to do, so now that I'll be able to do that in 206 days is just spectacular!

2. Walt Disney World

You really didn't think I was going to leave this one out, did you? Disney World is my home, through and through, and I honestly could not imagine a life without. Along with this, I am super thankful that I have been able to go to Disney as often as I have, because it's a part of me now, and I really think I'm probably a better person because of it (although I guess we'll never know). I wouldn't have my dreams of working for Disney without it, and I probably wouldn't have the same ambition on projects that I do now. Goodness, I wrote a whole memoir on stuff I've learned, so obviously I should be thankful!

1. Everyday Disney

Ok, I feel like this should be pretty obvious. I am super thankful for this blog and how I've, at least somewhat, kept up with it throughout the year. I guess now is as good of time as any to announce that I have decided to continue blogging after the end of the year, although I'm debating working on a slight redesign to get things going. I'm so lucky to have the ability and opportunity to share my love of Disney with everyone who reads this, and when I was thinking about whether I should do another year or not, I eventually came to the conclusion that life would no longer feel right if I didn't have my blog to write everyday! So thank you to everyone who reads this blog, whether this is the first thing you're reading or the 332nd!

And that's what I'm thankful for this Thanksgiving, although I'm pretty sure the list could go on basically forever.

Like this blog post, today's Frumpstagram theme is "What Are You Thankful For?" I talked a bit about what I said in #2, and how I'm thankful that I've had the ability to go to Disney and grow up with it. I don't think I can say enough times how thankful I am for that chance, since it's not something everyone has, and yet it has 100% made me who I am today!

Here's today's Disney History: 1944: Walt Disney pens a birthday letter to his younger sister Ruth (who will turn a year older December 6). He writes of his next feature-length release: The Three Caballeros. Along with his birthday wishes is a check because he "Hasn't the slightest idea what to send."

Have a magical day!