Thursday, November 14, 2013

Day 318: Vlogs

Over the past couple of days...well, yesterday and today...I've been in the mood to go and rewatch my vlogs. I don't really know why but that's what I've been doing. Yesterday while working on homework and today while working on making up some of the blog posts I'm missing from the last few weeks. It works out pretty well just because I can have the videos play on Youtube while I write stuff and I just split the screen and I can do both. No problem.

So I figured I would share which of my vlogs are my favorites. I know it's kind of hard to pick specific favorites because I do love all of them. It's nice to be able to go back and watch the videos from my vacations to Disney, especially when I'm missing home like I have been for the past few days.

Anyways, here are just a couple of my favorite vlogs that I've made during my past two trips to WDW:

While I absolutely hate the quality of the entire first trip of vlogs, I have to include a couple of them, and one of my all time favorites is this one: the original vlog. That's right, this was the very first Disney vlog I made, and now I've got a whole bunch that I can watch. Why do I love this one? Well, it holds new experiences for me, we meet Walt, my brother is hilarious and it's just overall great. Oh...and the blue screen theory. 

Day five of that trip was pretty awesome too. I mean, we see the behinds the scenes stuff that doesn't include Harrison Ford (I have no idea why), see Indiana Jones and play high speed ping pong! And I beat my brother...which is always fun. 

This actually happens to be the vlog I'm watching as I write this post, and felt that it should be in here because it does make me laugh and has Canadian music and Star Tours and my brother is hilarious, as usual. Oh, and we go to Be Our Guest for the very first time. 

As much as I hated not getting to Disney on time, I do love this vlog. I mean, just the fact that I watch the sunset over the Magic Kingdom, and my brother being all interesting as we were waiting in the airports for stuff, and wishes at the end, and how we were on the 16th floor on Bay Lake Tower all leads to awesomeness. 

On the fourth day of my last trip I went a lot of places, but I included this because the end of that day was seriously one of the best endings I've had in a while (although I think the other one probably tops it). Either way, this vlog holds a lot of great the entire Main Street Electrical Parade is in it, so that's pretty awesome too. 

This vlog just makes me happy in general. I mean, with the whole Harrison Ford thing and me being a Galactic Hero AGAIN (and then singing a song about it), it's just a wonderful video. 

I'll be honest, there's nothing quite like spending your birthday at Walt Disney World, so this vlog certainly holds a special place in my heart just because of that. But then there's the fact that I ended my birthday in the best possible way...staying in the Magic Kingdom until after hours and then being the last people out after basically seeing the Kiss Goodnight presented just for us. And then my brother is absolutely hilarious. Yes Jonny...that is a leafy bush. 

That about rounds it out, although I still have about 7 vlogs left to watch tomorrow since I'm still not finished. It is midnight though, or almost, and if I don't get this blog post finished before the strike of twelve I have to change the date and time and it just gets annoying! 

Frumpstagram threw me for a loop today. The prompt was "Pineapple Princess," which seems fine, except I have three problems: (1) I'm allergic to Pineapple; (2) I'm also lactose intolerant...meaning very few dole whips for me; (3) I have no pictures of the Polynesian WHATSOEVER. I know, terrible. So instead I found the Poly in the Birnbaum Guide to Walt Disney World. That counts, right?

Here's today's Disney History: 1964: Actor Patrick Warburton, the voices of Alien Cop in Chicken Little and Patrick in Home on the Range, is born in Paterson, New Jersey. His Disney credits also include Sky High, the Emperor's New Groove and Kim Possible: The Secret Files. He also supplies the voice for Buzz Lightyear (a Toy Story character usually associated with Tim Allen) for the TV series and video games. Warburton is featured in the "preboarding" film shown to guests at Soarin' Over California in Disney's California Adventure Park and Soarin' in Florida's Epcot.

11:59! MADE IT!

Have a magical day!