Monday, November 18, 2013

Day 322: Think Lovely Thoughts

Previously on Once Upon a Time...that's what I hear every Sunday and then every Monday as I watch Once on TV and then Hulu. So yeah, previously, a lot of crap happened, and Peter Pan is evil and Henry is under his control basically and everyone is in Neverland and there's a love triangle and I was really hoping for some CaptainSwan this week.

SO....SPOILER ALERT FOR 3x08: Think Lovely Thoughts

We begin this week with a flashback that a lot of people have been waiting for for a very long time: Rumple's Father. I've actually known that this was for sure coming for months now. It was one of the confirmed things for this season before the season actually began, stuff that also included a backstory on Hook, which we obviously already got (and I still watch almost weekly). So here's little Rumple and his father, Colin (although I don't think they actually ever say his name in the episode. I may be wrong though, but that IS his name. Funny, huh?) Rumple's father is a coward, like Rumple himself (and Bae if you ask me...they're all cowards. Not a good chain to be born into Henry...), and is gambling. Some people figure it out though and so Rumple has to see his father be beat up all the time.

Meanwhile Wendy and Pan are still lying to Henry, Regina has a chat with Rumple, Rumple's father sends Rumple to learn about spinning wheels and on Neverland with Emma and the Gang, Emma and Mary Margaret have a chat about who's staying on Neverland. Emma is not very happy about the fact that her family will be split up again (my brain asks if this family now includes Hook, because I think it should no matter what). But of course Neal is around when they stumble upon Rumple and Regina, and the truth about the prophecy is let out. Personally I think that Rumple is truly trying to save Henry. Like Hook I believe that Rumple can change. He obviously wasn't always bad, so I think he's trying to be that good person either way. Oh, and I missed the party where Rumple's dad gave little Rumple the doll that we saw earlier in the season. More on that later.

On a side note, I LOVED how Hook was the last one to raise his sword against Rumple. He didn't bristle at the fact that his mortal enemy was there. No, he stood untied because of HENRY. Good job Hook. That's Good Form right there. 

Back to the backstory, the two creepy old ladies that Rumple's dad left him with (they have connection somewhere to some fairytale but I honestly can't figure out what it is), tell Rumple that while he has real natural talent at the spinning wheel, he cannot live with his father and not be looked upon with shame. He must instead travel to another realm. So they give Rumple a magic bean. Huh, funny how those keep popping up. 

In Neverland everyone is arguing with Rumple. That seriously takes up about 5-10 minutes of this entire episode. Honestly I am not a HUGE Rumple fan but I hate everyone for totally ignoring him, especially Neal. I mean, I guess there's tension everywhere, and the whole abandoning thing, but does Henry really hate Emma THAT much for abandoning him? I mean, I guess everything is all different, but still. The only one I'll let slide is Hook...partly because he's my favorite and partly because...well...the whole Milah thing really wasn't fair. 

Rumple's dad is still a coward in the old Enchanted Forest, and Little Rumple isn't very happy about that. I think it's AWESOME how they paralleled this entire part with Rumple and Bae. It seriously makes me happy because that's a great portion of storytelling. Of course, Rumple's reaction when Bae shows up with a bean is a bit different from his dad's reaction when he brings a bean, but still. So, can you guess where they decide to go? 


No one saw that one coming, now did they? Actually I think we ALL saw that one coming. Anyway, so yes, they jump in a portal and go to Neverland. Because that was so easy, right?  

So now we have the whole two minutes of Hook and Emma conversation...which has nothing really to do with Hook and Emma. Ok, it has a little bit. So Emma pulls Hook back and is asking him about David leaving the island. The silver lining here? She asks about his brother. One sentence...but hey! We'll take anything! So then Rumple walks in and is all "Unless there was a cure," and then he goes on about how there is a cure or he can make one because he had it before and so on and so forth. But they're there: at Pan's camp. So my favorite moment of the night happens, when Rumple is all "I'm gonna borrow this" and just take's Hook's sword and comments about his good looks and then Hook is all "ummm" and so Charming throws a sword at Hook "in case his good looks fail him." Bromance right there. 

Also, I'd like to comment that the only thing Neal has is the coconut with the shadow. How is that helpful when you're in a fight? 

So Emma and the Gang go into Pan's camp but Henry and Pan aren't there, but Wendy is, and they rescue her, kind of. And so they all have a nice little chat, while in the Enchanted Forest Rumple and his dad make it to Neverland...where after a failed attempt at a crow, his father lands in a faceplant after a failed attempt at flying. 

What does Wendy say though? HENRY'S GONNA DIE. HE WILL DIE. So then we see Pan and Henry rowing into the Skull Cave. Now, as a person who loves all these classic fairytales, I adore that this is where this is all going to go down. I mean, there's seriously no better place. Pan puts a protection spell at the bottom of the steps so no one with a shadow can get through. Which we later find out to mean everyone other than Rumple. 

Then everyone splits up. Charming and Snow are gonna go get water from Dead Man's Peak to bring back and cure Charming. Hook and Tink (much to my dissapointment) are gonna stay behind and guard the lost boys. Emma, Neal, Regina and Rumple are all going to go save Henry. I assume Wendy is just chilling with Hook and Tink. 

In the really distant past Neverland, Rumple and his dad are trying to find Pixie Dust...which is apparently in some trees. If that's the truth WHY COULDN'T EVERYONE ELSE FIND SOME!?! Unless he used all of it. Ok, I guess that makes sense...but still. Little Rumple is scared and doesn't want to climb the tree so he stays at the bottom while his dad climbs. But while up near the top he meets someone, the shadow. AND THE SHADOW IS SO CREEPY AND I LOVE IT!!!! Oh they did a WONDERFUL job with the Shadow!!!! 

Emma and her Smaller Gang are headed to the Skull and find the cursed staircase, which Rumple can get through but no one else can because they all have Shadows. So now it's Rumple's job alone to go and rescue Henry. Because that will end well. 

But the parents aren't very happy about this, so Regina and Emma figure out that if they block the moonlight they can get through...but they have to work together to use their magic. Ok, now, my entire Once Party that gets together every week was all holding up our hands. We were helping too!!! 

Up in the top of the Skull Cave Henry is learning lies from Pan, because Pan is just a jerk. Henry is kind of a jerk too, but more on that in a minute. Rumple and his dad are arguing, because that's what they do. See, his dad is not very happy about the fact that he's not a child, and that needs to change, and in order to do that, he needs to get rid of Rumple. Hence, abandonment. Hence...PETER PAN. 

Yes, Rumple's father is Peter Pan. As if this entire family tree could not get more messed up than it already was. IT JUST DID. And then, the shocker. Pan switched the Pandora's Boxes. My entire party was like "GASP." Actually it was quite entertaining. I see a lot of spoilers and I NEVER saw that one coming. That was truly shocking. And so, Rumple's Dad, Peter Pan, locks his son in Pandora's Box. Oh, and no one knows that, not Emma or Neal or anyone other than Pan. 

Rumple's crying over his father and lost doll. That's kind of important, because the doll is in Neverland, hence how he gets it earlier in Season 3. Pan finds out that he's the first one to stay on Neverland, and the shadow tells him that he has "Bad Form." Ok, he doesn't actually say that, but he does tell him that he's breaking the rules. Pan says he'll find a way to live though...and Henry. 

Henry is how he's gonna live. So Pan tells him that he has to rip out his own heart and give it to Pan, and then Magic will be saved. HENRY YOU ARE AN IDIOT. So what does he do? HE LISTENS and RIPS OUT HIS OWN HEART. But before he can put it in Pan, The Parents show up and try to tell him to stop and convince him that Pan is lying. But Pan brings up the whole "Regina lied to you and Emma lied to you and Neal is Neal, so don't listen to them" thing. And so Henry gives his heart to Peter Pan. Pan floats up into the air and Henry crumbles to the ground. 

And if all of that was no shocking enough for new Once for TWO WEEKS. YOU HEARD ME...TWO WEEKS. 

So in other words, Everyone's split up, no CaptainSwan this week, Henry is dead, Pan is Rumple's father and is very much alive, Wendy is no longer Pan's captive, and we're all gonna die. 

Yep, that sums it up. 


This Week's Once Upon a Time Disneybound is inspired by everyone's favorite fairy, Tinkerbell! This is probably one of my favorites because the hair was honestly kind of fun to do, and I got to wear one of my favorite scarves! Plus the boots are used again! I used them back for Neal and now again for Tink. Am I sad we didn't get to see a lot of her this week though? You bet I am. Although it is noted that one of the few times she speaks is to Neal...just as one of the few times Hook speaks is directly to Emma. Sense what I'm getting at here? 


And Frumpstagram. Today's prompt was Crossover, and it took me a while before I realized that I have one sitting right on my desk! It's my Minnie Mouse and Princess Leia Crossover Vinylmation! Totally one of my favorites (although I only have five so I guess I can't really pick a favorite). It's especially great since today is the 85th birthday of Mickey AND Minnie!! Happy Birthday to the two coolest mice in the world! 

Hence today's Disney History: 1928: Mickey Mouse stars in Steamboat Willie, the first commercially successful animated cartoon to use synchronized sound. Disney's third Mickey short (but the first with sound) debuts as a sneak preview at Universal's Colony Theatre. It is shown before the feature film Gang War. Despite the fact that this is not the first Mickey cartoon made or released, it is still considered Mickey Mouse's true debut...and birthday!

Have a magical day...and let's all hope we don't die before the next episode of OUAT!