Monday, November 11, 2013

Day 315: Dark Hallow

It's Once Upon a Time time!!!

Ahh just my favorite part of the week. That part where I get to write for an hour all about Once Upon a Time (and of course in order to do that I need to watch that week's episode for the third time).

Yes, third time. You see, I watch it on Sunday night the first time when it premieres, and then again at 4 on Monday's after my alto lesson and before Wind Ensemble because that's my first break literally all day. And then I have to watch it once more to take the screenshots for the blog post, and so I can accurately blog about it all, of course.


This week starts off in the past. But not the past Enchanted Forest. I'm talking about the past as in 5 days ago. Yeah, apparently this entire season has all happened in five days. Feels like a heck of a lot longer than that. Either way, as the weekly hashtag says, Belle is back, and she's...crying?

She's not super happy about the whole "Rumple's gonna die" thing I guess. Either way, he gave her instructions to protect the town because "Others are coming." Remember, back at the end of season 2 when all of this was up in the air and we had no idea who the "Home Office" was and who Greg and Tamara (yeah, remember them?) were working for? Yeah, those people are coming. And by those people I mean these people: 

Belle and friends don't know that yet though, so they enact the spell which protects the town pretty well. Except for the fact that these guys still got in. Barely, but they're in Storybrooke. I mean, there wouldn't be much of a story if they weren't, would there? 

Finally we make it to Neverland, where Regina and Rumple send Ariel off to Storybrooke with instructions to find Belle and give her a message to find the magical object that's going to help them all defeat Pan. On the other side of the island, Neal lets everyone know that the way off the island is all based on the fact that they need to capture Pan's shadow. So Emma and Neal, and Hook of course, are on shadow duty while Snow and Charming (who are NOT getting along) are going to go find Tink and let her know. 

In Storybrooke again, Belle is turning down her favorite food: Hamburgers. So Archie gives her a talk, which doesn't really seem to be working until someone else shows up: Ariel. This part was great, thanks to Grumpy's comment about some Ruby outfits that are seared into his brain. That one made us ALL laugh. 

In Gold's shop, Belle figures out how to decode the message from Rumple. Turns out they couldn't afford R2-D2, so they went for the next best thing, a sand dollar. Belle needs to find a certain magical object that's going to save them all, but she's only going to find it based on her true love with Rumple. Turns out that works pretty well though because she finds Pandora's box. More on this in a little while, since we need to keep jumping storylines here. 

In Neverland, the love triangle is growing awkward, Snow is furious with Charming and Pan is still trying to convince Henry, who refuses to believe anything he says because Henry is smart and knows that his family is there (ok, even I would believe that evidence they had a couple episodes ago). Snow tries to offer Emma some advice, in that she should be careful with Hook and Neal because they both love her, and honestly she's probably right. 

Now, when I said the love triangle is getting awkward, I mean it. Even Hook agrees. Turns out that Emma didn't say anything to Neal about Hook, and Neal also didn't hear Hook's secret in the Echo Cave. So when Hook says thanks for being so understanding, Neal is like "Wait, what?" and then things get weird. So Emma walks back in and she just has no clue. Gosh this scene made me laugh though. 

And so we go back to Storybrooke. Gosh this is getting confusing. Anyway, those guys that they were trying to keep out? Yeah, they finally show their faces in the town, and they have a gun, which Ariel doesn't understand, but makes for some great lines. Turns out that these guys knew the whole time that they were working for Peter Pan, which is a far cry from Greg and Tamara. Makes the whole thing kind of creepy. Either way, they tie up Belle and Ariel and run with the box to go destroy it. 

In Neverland, Henry is following Felix, who's working with Pan to do something or other. And Snow and Charming are arguing. He's trying to apologize, Snow's not listening to it. Giving him the silent treatment. On the other side of the island on the other hand, we've got some adorableness. This scene in general is just the definition of perfection, and certainly one of the main reasons that CaptainSwan will happen over SwanFire. Honestly, if Hook and Emma don't end up together, Emma's not going to end up with anyone. There's just like no chance at this point. It wouldn't make sense. Either way, this was beautiful. Hook's entire speech, ending with the "When I win your heart, Emma, and I will win it, it will not be because of any trickery. It will be because you want me." 

So Emma goes off on some comment about how it's not a contest, and then Hook just continues. That's right. He wasn't done. The entire rest of this scene was wonderful as well. With his little Pep Talk about how she WILL get Henry back, and that's when the "fun begins" in the fight for her heart. How people are still shipping SwanFire I do not know. No offense you guys, but really. I'm CaptainSwan forever (not that I don't like Neal. He's cool too...just...Hook). Also, I'd like to point out that this is like the first time he calls her Emma in a conversation like this. It's always been Swan before this (other than that single comment about how he kissed Emma and admitted it in the cave). Goodness gracious me!

We're not done with these three though. It's time to go into Dark Hallow, as the title tonight suggests. It's where the victims of Pan's shadow are taken to spend eternity. There are shadows everywhere, but they need to capture just one. They're going to do this by using the little coconut to capture it. At least, that's the plan if they can ever get it lit. Neal and Hook decide that now is a good time to have a fist fight, much to Emma's dismay. We'll come back to this in a minute since meanwhile some stuff is going down in Storybrooke.

Ariel uses her tail (literally) to get them out of the ropes, and therefore she and Belle are able to chase after those guys. They're somewhere in Storybrooke, but where? The Mines of course, using the same pickax that Greg and Tamara used to activate the diamond like what, five days ago? Anyways, that's where they are, but they stop them before they can destroy it and we find out that these aren't any ordinary guys. Turns out that Wendy's in Neverland. How do we know this? These guys are John and Michael. Win. 

Snow and Charming are still arguing. Actually they're being really loud on Neverland and how Tink doesn't hear them from miles away I have no idea. Either way, Charming's looking for a new place to live and Snow wants to stay with him. So now they're not fighting anymore, I guess? She's still angry, but at least they're talking and hugging now. Back to good old Snowing. 

Back to the fist fight. Yep, they're fighting over a lighter...or they're fighting to impress Emma. But either way, they don't really have time for that since the shadows have come and they've got Hook and Neal trapped while Emma watches. Now, us CaptainSwan shippers would like to point out that they take both of them but Emma ONLY calls out when Hook is taken, not when Neal is. Seems Emma cares more for Hook than she lets on! Yay!

Anyway, Emma uses magic to light the candle and capture Pan's shadow, meaning that both Hook and Neal are safe. Henry is still following Felix, who leads him to Wendy. See, I told you she was there! She was the one in the box!!! Working for Pan (but not liking it), she lies to Henry and tells him she's sick and that he needs to save the magic or something like that. 

Ariel goes back to Neverland with the box and gives it to Rumple so now they've got that, Charming and Snow find Tink, and tell her the escape plan right before Emma, Hook and Neal show up, and Pan's got stuff in store for Henry. Big things. Big things that include Skull Rock and, apparently, maybe Henry's death? At least that's what the promo tells us for next week. 

And to finish things out, Emma's mad at both Hook and Neal. She's choosing Henry, not Hook or Neal. Wow, two guys both turned down at Once. I could have said that before, but it felt like it needed it's own point. Hook did say earlier that right now her focus SHOULD be with finding Henry, and that it's only when he's safe in her arms that the real fun begins. Honestly Hook would have kept that deal if Neal hadn't been a jerk. Oh, and when they do find Tink, she seems honestly surprised to see Neal, and makes this face. Hmmmmmmmm....

So, in the end, the Darlings are back, and I'm super happy about that. I love how they've done the entire Peter Pan story, and it just keeps getting better and better. Like seriously this is just awesome. And I'm not just saying that because I love Hook so much. 

What's in store for next week otherwise? I can tell you that we meet a new character! But that's all I'm going to say. Although I'm absolutely positive that next week is going to be seriously epic. I mean, I guess every week is, but next week especially. The promo was just one of those that's like "WOAH WHAT!?!" 

Anyway, this wasn't my favorite of the episodes. In fact, here's my current favorite list from this season: 

1. Good Form
2. Quite a Common Fairy
3. Heart of the Truest Believer
4. Lost Girl
5. Dark Hallow 
6. Ariel
7. Nasty Habits

Tonight's Disneybound for Once was none other than Ruby! Although she wasn't in this particular episode I just had to include her, and I have to say that I was really excited that I didn't have to curl my hair for this one. Next week should be awesome too, and the week after that is one I've been waiting for since I started!
And finally, Frumpstagram. Today's prompt was "princess moment," and since I only have like pictures of two princess moments just about ever, here's the other one! The time I accidentally met Tiana and Naveen! 

And here's today's Disney History: 1992: The Disney animated feature Aladdin - featuring the voice of Robin Williams and the song "Whole New World" - has its world premiere. It will become the highest-grossing animated film up to that time and win Academy Awards for Best Song - "A Whole New World" and Best Original Score. 

Have a magical day!