Thursday, January 2, 2014

Day 367: Football

I really did intend to write this yesterday, but I got caught up in some work for my High School Band. I had to finish up the 2013 Mackinaw Island Band Trip Video. It looks really great, just took a super long time to finish. I'm excited that I'll be making the Disney video for the trip this summer, but thankfully I have the entire summer basically to edit it, so it shouldn't take anywhere near as long.'s Disney, and I like my work when it comes to Disney stuff.

Anyways, originally my topic for this lovely second day of the year takes us back to yesterday (or in my case, two days ago). Every New Years Day, my mom gets together with a couple of her friends, and that means that all of us get together with her friend's families. It works out nice enough, where we either go to one of their houses or they come here and it just alternates years. Of course, you have to do something while spending time together like that, and for us this year it started out by watching the Wisconsin Badgers Football game, live from Orlando.

Now, no matter what team it is, when there's football broadcast live all over the country from Orlando, you're going to see Disney eventually. For us, we were there maybe five minutes and it was on the screen. I kid you not, five minutes of watching the game (and commercials of course), and on comes a promotional video for Disney Quest, with video of one of the teams in the sports area. We joked about how it "looked familiar," since we were in that exact location only months ago when we headed into Disney Quest really for the first time.

But that wasn't all that went on that I can talk about. Our favorite game to play on New Year's Day with everyone? The Game of Things. It's where one person picks a card that says something like "Things you shouldn't throw off a building," and then everyone around the table answers on a slip of paper. The person who picked the card reads all the answers and then everyone around the table has to guess who said what. It's quite entertaining. Of course, my brother had, at one point, to mention a certain Captain Hook, and then things just got kind of crazy from there. But I guess I could honestly say that I never thought I'd have a picture of Juan Pablo (the new Bachelor for those that don't know), dressed as Captain Hook and doing various activities. That's certainly a new one to say the least.

So that's how I spent my New Year's Day...although I haven't watched the Tournament of Roses parade yet (hopefully I'll get around to that within the next week). I'll have a blog post on that, I'm sure. Mostly because, well, Disney always does something awesome in it!

And here's your very first Disney Fact of the Day! The Star Speeder 3000 you enter as you board Star Tours is the same motion-simulator technology used by the United States military to train their pilots.

Have a magical day!