Sunday, January 12, 2014

Day 377: Frozen...Again

Once and a while there comes a Disney movie that I must take my friends to see in Theaters, even if I've already seen it once. Tangled was one of those films, and Frozen has become another. It's a must see for everyone. So finally, after what seems like an eternity (a month and a half really), my best friend saw Frozen. And that means that now she understands all the great Frozen jokes and songs that are going around, especially on our college campus, which seems to be filled with Frozen loving people (especially the music building, where we regularly sing duets of the music).

So since I got to see Frozen again, I figured I would share another video from MrCheezyPop, only this time it's about songs from Frozen. It might just be because this video pretty much made my day though. =)

Personally, my favorite song is "Love is an Open Door," but "Let it Go" is right behind it for sure. And as for the rest of the songs, I love them all...and for the most part can sing them already (actually I could sing them a month ago. Not good on my vocal chords, but certainly fun!) So singing the duet was just awesome. I don't care (SPOILER) if Hans is a jerk...I still love the song!

And maybe someday, if I have to write another arrangement for music theory, I'm going to write an arrangement of Frozen. Actually, I'll probably do that either way just because I love this music so much. 

Have a magical (and Frozen!) day!

(Note: This blog post was written on January 15).