Saturday, January 18, 2014

Day 383: Presents from Parents

As of January 18th, my parents have been home, because I'm writing this on January 26, like just over a week later. Either way, they've been home, and when they did get home, it meant just about one thing and one thing alone for my brother and I: PRESENTS.

Ok, so maybe we were happy they were home too, but they did just take a vacation without us...sooo...presents.

What did I all get, you ask? Well I don't have pictures of it all, but a lot of it was this little stuff. I did get a new towel (which I have here at college) that's a Disney Cruise Line Towel, and then my parents also brought me a new Disney scarf (anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE scarves). And then I kind of picked through the other stuff they got, pulling out just about anything that has to do with Captain Hook (I found his Disney likeness on a bag of Jellybeans and got that...haven't eaten them yet though), and then they had robes from the cruise line and I have one of those. Oh, and they got me the Magic of Disneyland Imagineering or something like that. I can't remember the specific title of the DVD. But we have the Magic Kingdom one, so I'm happy to have the Disneyland one now too. And finally, I got a new phone case for my phone, which I'm sure you'll see in good time.

But there's one other thing they brought back that I can now talk about since it's been shown and delivered to the band!

You all know that my high school band is headed to Walt Disney World this June, and my parents found Mickey and some of his friends, who all had well wishes and are excited about the fact that we'll be there in just a few months. I was astonished at this because seriously over half of these I have never ever met. Lilo & Stitch, Woody, Buzz & Jessie, CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW! Oh...and this one...

I may or may not have freaked out a little bit with this one. I mean, it seriously is EXACTLY how Hook would sign his matter if it's Colin on Once or the Captain Hook of the Disney movie. It just seriously screams him. Well it should because it is his signature. It being on there honestly just makes me want to meet Captain Hook even more come June. I really hope it happens. 

Funny how a character I never really cared much about is apparently one of my new favorites...thanks Adam, Eddy and Colin. Thanks. No really...I love the show (I can't say it enough with all the hate and the arguments going on in the fandom right now, but that's a blog topic for another day).

Have a magical day!