Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Day 394: Experience It

I haven't done a Pinterest post specific to one particular picture in a while. I mean, I do the ones where I have a whole bunch of pictures on one board, but I haven't done one like this recently. It's one of those times when I go on Pinterest and find a post that I can just sit down and write whatever I want about it. 

This is something I tend to talk about a lot actually. I can't count the number of times I've said to someone that Disney isn't just something you can talk about. I can talk about going to Walt Disney World all day long and yet you still won't be able to experience it the same way I do just through my words. 

In fact, it's something I've talked more and more about with the Band Trip to Walt Disney World. A lot of people have questions about why you should go to Disney World because either they have been there before or they have some sort of idea about what it is. In reality it's normally not the truth. 

The only way to really experience Walt Disney World is to go there for yourself. To see and experience everything through your own eyes. And since every Disney Vacation is different, you're going to have different memories. My favorite experiences come from the entire range of my trips, not just the first couple I remember. Every time I go it's more magical, and I can't wait for my two trips this year because they both promise to be great. 

Have a magical day!