Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Day 386: EpcotExpert

Today something SERIOUSLY AWESOME happened.

First, watch this video...and tell me if you notice anything:

Did you notice it!?! BECAUSE I DID! 

First off, a HUGE Thanks to MrCheezyPop himself for the kind comments. It seriously made my day and got me back to the point where I'm like "DISNEY!" again. Just that one little comment like made my life. 

Now, I realized that I don't think I've ever told the story of how/why my "Username" is EpcotExpert. I mean, I sign it at the bottom of every blog post, and it's my username for just about everything, so I figure I might as well actually tell you the story. 

As you all know, I love Epcot in general. Spaceship Earth is my absolute favorite attraction. And a number of years ago I wanted to get a new email, but wanted to come up with the perfect email, and since I used to answer questions on Yahoo Answers, that came into play too here. So one day, and honestly I don't remember how or where it came from, I came up with EpcotExpert, and that just became my email and my username for my YouTube and then my blog name and everything else. 

Now, am I really an EpcotExpert? Probably more than most people, but I certainly don't know everything. It is my favorite park though, and I love learning about it as time goes on. My brother likes it too, so we spend more than enough time talking about it, that's for sure. 

And that's the basic story. But Max, I'm really happy you love it! I love it too! =)

Have a magical day!