Friday, January 3, 2014

Day 368: It's Super Cold

Currently I'm sitting on my bed, trying as hard as possible to come up with an actual topic for today's blog post, but to be totally honest, I've got nothing. I have no clue what to blog about today. Granted, this is either a bad sign about deciding to do for a second year...or just due to the fact that I've been so busy today and have a lot going on. That or it's this wicked cold that's upon Wisconsin as of right now. If there was ever I time I wished I could be in Florida, it's right about now.

You know, it's funny, because maybe there's the blog post topic in here after all. You see, I may or may not have talked about this before, but when I was a kid, my family would go to Walt Disney World once every school year. That means that we might go in January and again in November, therefore in the same calendar year, but two different school years. The next year we might not go at all and so on and so forth. The point? We went to Disney a lot.

At school, therefore, I became known as the Disney person. I would go to Disney and Florida and bring back treats and everything like that. As we got older I would return and my classmates would always ask me, at some point or another, "Why aren't you tan?" and I'm always like "Ha! It's the middle of winter! Are you crazy?" And then they would be like "But you went to Florida!"

Now, this might actually seem crazy to some people, but it DOES GET COLD IN FLORIDA. I know, a long shot there. Who would have thought that the sunshine state actually can get cold. I'm not saying like here in Wisconsin right now, where, to be honest, it is probably colder than Hoth, but it is often cold enough that you don't want to be out on the sand trying to get a tan, even if you are from Wisconsin.

The other question would always be about whether my family went to Disney for the warm weather, and while I suppose it is nice to head to a warm place, even just for a few days, in the middle of the winter, that has never, ever, been a reason to me. I go to Disney World because that's what I love to do. I love just going there. I don't care if it's warm or cold or raining or sunny or what (ok...I rather prefer to not have Tornadoes), because I'm going to be happy no matter what. I know my family hates going in the summer because of the heat, but back in July when I went I really didn't mind it too much. I was just happy to be there.

Not everyone gets the chance that I get, to go to Disney World often enough to know it like the back of my hand and see it as my home, especially since I live so far away. But I honestly treasure every moment I have there. When I go in March, I'm only there for a few days, and much of my time won't be spent on personal time either. I'm going on that trip for record video for the Band Trip Video and to gain first hand experience with both Fastpass+ and any other changes that are coming through the parks right now. I need to be able to help my fellow students come June, in whatever way I can. Of course, that actually is starting right now as we deal with Advanced Dining Reservations, but still. I want everyone in the group to have a wonderful time there, so even if just for a moment they can have a glimpse of the spectacular place I have grown up with.

And if they have a good time, then I'm just as happy as if I could spend twice the amount of time there. maybe I wouldn't mind more time. But who wouldn't?

DFoTD: All of the natural elements that went into creating the murals at the entrance to the Land Pavilion were made from materials found on Walt Disney World Property.

Have a magical day!