Monday, January 6, 2014

Day 371: ADRs

Believe it or not, I will actually go back and write Day 370. It's just that I've been working for a good portion of the last few hours and really wish to get to bed, but decided that I should write at least one blog post so I'm not totally behind in the next few days. I want to start college with a clean slate, meaning that I'm all caught up and don't have to spend hours trying to play catch up when I get back to SNC, although the internet there is faster.

This is beside the point though. Today makes a grand occasion, as I have, for the first time ever, made my own actual, REAL, Advanced Dining Reservation for Walt Disney World. Great, I know. Where to, you ask? Beaches and Cream. And why? Well, that involves a little bit of a story.

As you already know, my High School Band is headed to Walt Disney World this June. It's a very exciting thing, and I have family coming down to see us in the parade. Specifically my godfather. Now, he doesn't come with us very often, and since he lives in Chicago, a four hour drive from here, it's not exactly always easy for us to see him. So it means a lot to me that he's coming to Disney to see us march in the parade. But we only have three days in the Disney Parks, and I have a lot on my shoulders when it comes to this trip. It's not like I'm going to have spare time all over the place in which I can just go see my family. No, when I'm in the parks I will be running around getting video or spending time on attractions that I feel my closest friends have to see.

But there is one thing that I can do that my family that's coming and my friends can all enjoy! Dining of course! So back last week, my mom made dining reservations for our group at a couple of places that I know my friends will enjoy, but also so I can see my family for at least a little while on this trip. But it wouldn't be fair if just my closest friends got to go to restaurants like that. So I'm working with my band director to open it up to the entire band.

We all know that Dining Reservations aren't hard, but you still might need help if you're doing it the first time. So tonight I set out to learn the system in full. It honestly wasn't too difficult, especially for someone who has been to Disney as many times as I have, and I was able to type up instructions for the rest of the group to use to set up their own reservations if they want.

And in order to learn the system in full I had to, of course, make a reservation! So since I already knew that I wanted to go over to Beaches and Cream in March, and I know they accept reservations now, I figured why not! So I set it up and now, in March, guess where I'm going!?! BEACHES AND CREAM!

That, basically, is the story of the very first Disney Reservation I have ever made all by myself. Then again, it's probably not good that I know how to actually do this now. But it is at the same time, because now I can help the band set up their own reservations if they want and answer any questions they may have. And that's what's really important here. I want them to have the best trip possible, after all, and I think all of us who have been to WDW can agree that food is an important part of that.

Here's the DFOTD: An estimated 1.65 million pairs of eyeglasses have made their way to Disney World's lost-and-found bins since 1971. Every year, the park finds an average of about 6,000 cellphones, 3,500 digital cameras and 18,000 hats.

Have a magical day!