Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Day 366: Here We Are I start the blog posts with Day 1 or what? I guess I've decided that I'm just going to keep going up because that's a heck of a lot easier than going 1-365 again. I mean when you get in the middle you get lost and everything anyway so what's the point? If I get behind I'll have to make a big document and everything no matter what, plus it might be kind of cool to continue this for years to come and get to day like 1000. That would be epic.

I guess this continuing thing means that I'm in for another year of blogging. It's kind of funny to think that a year ago I was telling myself that I was going to do this blog for a year, and now I'm here having done it. I'm pretty sure even I thought I was crazy back then, and I probably was, but I got it done, just as I'll continue for another year. I was debating stopping a few weeks ago (at the end of the year of course), when I was still at college, and I said to my roommate "I just don't think I could stop." This blog is too much of a part of my life for me to stop now. It would be like giving up halfway through a game...although I guess now we're just in overtime.

But I said a lot of that yesterday already, so there's no need to be sentimental. For now, let's talk about the future of the blog. I may have been able to tell myself a year ago that I was going to blog every day for a year and do it, but that doesn't mean that I actually accomplish everything I set out to do. So maybe that's really my new New Year's Resolution...I want to accomplish everything on this blog post and more. Seems fair enough, doesn't it? Yeah, I think so. We'll call them missions, and then throughout the year I could add more or something and when I actually complete one I can say "Mission 1 Accomplished."

To be honest I just want to say "Mission Accomplished."

Mission 1

A year ago or so, one of the things I said I wanted to do on the blog was "Featured Attractions." I talked about this idea on Day 4, believe it or not, and described it as such: "I always thought it would be a longer blog post when I have time, featuring a brief history of the attraction, my own personal description of it and a video if there is one." It was supposed to be this thing where I would use my own pictures and talk about the attraction and my favorite parts about it and so on and so forth, one a week, but it never actually happened. To be honest I never even wrote ONE Featured Attraction post.

So why is that? I know a year ago I had it all planned out by the month and everything, how every Monday I would do one of these (although we know now that Monday's are Once maybe it'll be like Saturday or something). What I hope to accomplish with these posts exactly I have no idea, but I assume eventually I'll come up with a basic template that I'll follow, kind of like what I do for my series posts right now. Plus, maybe it'll help me when I get around to making stuff for the band trip!

Mission 2

All of last year (minus January), I did the Daily Disney History. And that's all fun and games and so on and so forth. It was a good time (although it often times took me a couple of hours just to write up the history each month), but I just don't know if I want to do that again. Plus, there are a couple of days throughout the year where it's like "Nothing really interesting happened, and now I already used the one already even remotely interesting thing last I can't use that again."

But I still wanted to do something similar. When I was debating the other day what this "something" was, I decided that I would attempt a "Daily Disney Fact" or "Daily Disney Did You Know" or something. You won't find one on tonight's post because that's on my list of things to check out tomorrow, but I'm going to do it on a trial run throughout January for sure. Following that who knows what will happen, but if it works out this month I hope to continue it throughout the entire year.

Mission 3

I've been debating it for a while, and I don't know on what scale it will happen, but you'll see a bit of a redesign coming up in the next few months. It takes a lot to manage one of these blogs, believe it or not, but I want to make mine the best it can possibly be. Now, there are a lot of websites that I go to and use all the time. Ones that I look at for Disney News, the Website where I get Disney History, Books and so on and so forth, and they all should get some credit here too.

What I'm saying is that over the next few weeks you'll start to see new pages, hopefully. I am looking to include an archive and new links to my different pages and maybe even a complete overhaul of the site (although I love how it looks right now so that's probably not going to least not on a super large scale). Along with a page for crediting others, there might be one specifically on me, on how the blog started and stuff like that, plus who knows what else. You get the idea though.

To be totally honest I don't have anything else at the moment...but if everything works out, along with those other pages you'll see one with my "Missions" for the year. Like I said, it seems like a good way to spice things up around here, especially since it can kind of drag once and a while when it's like "I went to class...I did my homework...I came back and went to sleep." That really is sometimes my life, and other times I could write three blog posts just on what happened in one day.

If you have any ideas for missions, please let me know! I'm up for just about anything, and it doesn't have to be specifically on this blog. Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, I'll take tons of challenges. The only rule? It has to have to do with Disney...and I guess I technically have to be able to blog about it. It'll be fun!

I do know, however, that the year ahead will be a spectacular one. This spring semester I'll be taking a class on Classic and Contemporary Fairytales, so you'll be seeing more book reviews (and yes, if there is a Disney movie that relates I fully intend to watch it). I've got not one but TWO Disney World trips ahead of me this year, one of which will be 100% unlike any trip I have taken thus far. And who knows what else.

But no matter what, I do know that it will be a future that we will take, and make, together. =)

Have a magical day, and HAPPY 2014!