Saturday, January 4, 2014

Day 369: Aerial Views

I finally, FINALLY, remember what I was originally going to blog about yesterday (The first of my Magic Band stuff for March!), but I'm pushing that off another day. Mostly just because I haven't had the time to look through what they sent us in real detail. I only had enough time to glance at it. So we're going to look at that stuff tomorrow, and today look at something from one of the blogs I follow.

Now, I don't have enough time or money to spend all my hours at Walt Disney World (although that may very well change in just a few years!), which means that I don't really have time or money to always have my own information or anything. If I could be a full on press Disney blog, that would be great. But at the same time, that's not really what this blog is about, is it?

Either way, I follow all of these blogs, and once and a while there comes a post that interests me so much that I can't help but share. This time the post comes from Imagineering Disney. I've followed it for quite some time and they always have really interesting stuff, especially for a person aspiring to become an Imagineer. Today's post? Aerial photos from all the Disney Parks with comparison photos from years ago, often times the opening year or during construction.

Personally the ones I found the most interesting were the Epcot photos, from 1981, 1984 & Now. While you can see all the pictures on the Imagineering Disney Blog Here, I'll share these two from Epcot, just so I can talk a bit more about them.

I've talked plenty of times about how I find history so interesting, much thanks to Disney, so this kind of thing is just captivating for me. I could sit and look for a long time at the little differences between the years. Such as how the Soarin' appeared, or how, on the Disneyland pictures, Pirates of the Caribbean takes shape in the Mid-1960's right next to the Jungle Cruise. 

It's fun even to just look back to when I was a kid, and see how much stuff has changed. I went through all those pictures from my childhood last spring, and looking through those made it really interesting to see what Disney World was like when I was really little. I mean, there are plenty of things that I do remember. For instance, I do have faint memories of the Skyway and Horizons, and there's things like Honey I Shrunk the Audience, or the old Living Seas, Pocahontas or Tarzan Rocks. In fact, there's a lot of things that have changed at Walt Disney World. And it's kind of funny how quickly we readjust to the new stuff. Like although I remember ToonTown like the back of my hand, I'm already used to having New Fantasyland there. Granted, there are plenty of little nooks and crannies that I still have to wait to discover there (I mean, it isn't finished, after all), but I've eaten at Be Our Guest twice already (that number will go up in June), I've been on Ariel's UnderSea Adventure more times than I care to admit, and I will never pass up something from Gaston's Tavern. 

That's why I think I find these pictures so interesting. It's like looking back at where we came from in order to look ahead to the future. We can't forget our roots, because if we do then we'll never have any inspiration to go forward. I mean, looking back at Epcot and the other parks, it's pretty entertaining to watch everything from the attractions to the lakes and lagoons take shape. None of it was easy, but it all got done. And look what we have to show for it. 

Today's DFOTD comes from Oh My Disney, where today we had 10 Smile-Worthy Disney Facts! Walt Disney knew that Karen Dotrice (Jane in Mary Poppins) was afraid of flying, so he turned the back of his plane into a candy store so she could play while the seatbelt sign was off.

Have a magical day!