Thursday, January 16, 2014

Day 381: The Lone Ranger

Back at the beginning of 2013, I went through the list of movies that were coming out that year and made my own list of everything I wanted to see. Of course, on that list was everything from The Hunger Games to Saving Mr. Banks and back to the spring with Iron Man 3, but sadly, I only saw about five of them out of over 12 on the list.

One of those movies was The Lone Ranger. I'm not necessarily old enough to remember the entire basis of the story, as that was a bit before my era, but I do know enough about it to understand the characters and the story and the theme song and everything. Plus I love Johnny Depp, so seeing this was kind of an obvious thing. Of course, we all know that the movie didn't exactly get the greatest reviews and didn't really do too well in the box office, and I didn't actually get to see it in theaters.

Then Christmas came around, and the #1 gift in our house (next to gift cards I suppose) is movies, and mom got dad The Lone Ranger. When one of us gets movies that generally means that all of us get movies (and actually she gave him like all of the movies on my for me because then I get to see them too). Since my parents were on vacation (yes, currently it is January 26...I got behind), I figured that one of the nights would be a good time to watch The Lone Ranger.

And now that I have, I will never see Rabbits the same way again.

To be honest, I never actually got to finish the movie. I fell asleep near the end (the last thing I remember is the theme song that played during the climax of the film), and since I'm back at SNC now, I never got an actual chance to finish watching it (Ok, I probably could have finished that instead of continuing to watch HIMYM, but you get the point).

What I did get to see of it I really liked though. I mean, as much as I suppose you can like it. It's not the best film I've ever seen, that's for sure, but I think it's alright. Granted, like I said, The Lone Ranger was a bit before my era, so I don't remember what it used to be like. In other words, I can't say how close it is to the original and how it represents that, but Johnny Depp was pretty awesome. And the nomination it has for the Oscars is great too (Hair & Makeup or something like that...impressive to say the least).

And the White Horse was pretty awesome too.

The part that made me laugh though was the fact that Ruth Wilson, who played Rebecca, was also in Saving Mr. Banks (she played the mother there), meaning that she was playing a very similar character and it was just super confused to think about. I was like "No, this isn't the same movie. Think Lizzie, Think!"

Those rabbits though...

Have a magical day!