Sunday, January 26, 2014

Day 391: Colin O'Donoghue

Today is a very big day! Now, last year, if you remember correctly, on July 13th I had a post dedicated to my absolute favorite actor, so it only makes sense to have one dedicated to my OTHER Favorite actor, Colin O'Donoghue!

That's right, today's his birthday, and that means that I just went through all my stuff to find some of my favorite Colin things on the internet (honestly there are tons and tons more, but here's some of it for sure!) I mean, he's like the greatest Captain Hook there ever was, and that deserves plenty of credit!

Ok, you can't have Colin Appreciation without talking about his eyebrows. So let's just stop and thing about this for a moment: here we have just a few of the greatest eyebrow moments from Colin: 

And then there was that time at Comic Con where he knew all the answers to the trivia question and just blew us all away and we were just like going crazy. That's by far my favorite of the interviews, although PaleyFest was pretty great too. 

And then I found this today, that time when Colin did the worm apparently. It's a thing...and now it's on my blog. 

Since we've reached the end of this particular Colin Appreciation Post, I'd like to wish the man himself a very happy birthday, even if at the time I'm writing this it's already mostly over. I hope it was a great one then, spent with family & friends! Can't wait to see you back on our TV Screens come March mate! =)

Also, my roommate would like to say hello to all my readers! She told me to mention her in my blog today, so I am right now! =) 

Have a magical day!