Thursday, January 30, 2014

Day 395: Once Upon a YouTube

I haven't done a YouTube post in a while, so I figured that since we're all going insane with this hiatus, and I can't share any of the wonderful spoilers that I've found on Twitter...and there's a lot of those. But I won't share anything. We'll just watch some hilarious and wonderful YouTube videos that all start the same way...Once Upon a Time.

Don't Deserve You - Hook & Emma:

This is probably my favorite CaptainSwan video of all time (and yes you'll see a bunch of them on t
his post...because I ship them...and they're awesome...and, well...Hook). The song is wonderful and totally fits them. Actually, it was in this video exactly that I saw the kiss before it happened. I avoided that sneak peek video like the plague, but then unintentionally Megan watched this and saw it and then I was like "NO FAIR!" and I watched it too. And that's the story of that. Poor Hook though. 

You're My Mate - Hook & Charming: 

I've shared this one before, but it's just too priceless to not share it again. I mean, it's just HILARIOUS. My friends and I actually now call each other "mate" all the time because of this video and the prince and the pirate. Gosh CaptainCharming (or Hooking or Davey Jones...but officially CaptainCharming) is great. 

Once Upon a Time 'In Neverland' Song Spoof/Crack Video: 

Once Upon a Time (yes I'm starting this this way), Megan and I were sitting in our dorm rooms working on homework. She texted me to tell me she was sending me a video. And this is what she sent me. Note, there's a lot of swearing and such, but at the same time this is honestly one of my absolute favorite Once videos, and most certainly my favorite of the crack videos. My favorite parts: I'm On A Boat, Poker Face, Kung Fu Fighting, Guess Who's Back (BAHAHA NEAL), I've Got the Power with Regina, All the Pirates of the Caribbean References, and then the Lion King Part with Rumple. Also the #DidNotSaveHenry was great, as was the Spongebob with Hook and Emma and the One, Two and Three Hours later because that is SO what happened. Oh CaptainSwan. 

Once Upon a Time Cast at ComicCon: 

Of all the interviews there are out there with this vast, this is by FAR my absolute favorite. I LOVE this video. Seriously, can Colin be any more adorable? Can ANY OF THEM be any more adorable? Favorite parts of this one: the whole first interview, and then totally the part with Josh Dallas where he has a Harrison Ford Fangirl moment. That makes my life every single time. 

The Season 2 Blooper Reel:

Ok, I couldn't have a Once Upon a Time YouTube Video post without the Blooper Reel. This thing never fails to make me laugh. Specifically the part with Jefferson, Whale and Regina all screaming followed by a Colin and Robert Carlyle Bromance. And then Colin's laugh. BAHAHAHA gets me every time. Plus let's not forget about the Evil Panda, every time JMO says "Oh God" or the time when she's like "Did you know the whole time? Where I was? Who I was from?" Oh...and that time Jamie forgot to put on the parking break. Best. Sheriff. Ever. 

Happy Birthday Colin O'Donoghue: 

Here we have what is probably my current favorite of my Once videos on YouTube. It was created for his birthday last week, but I watch it all the time because it just makes me smile, and we all need that. I mean, to quote Ginny, he does get "super super super Irish all the time," and it's awesome. Plus I am in love with the song that is on the video too. 

Honestly, unless you want me to post another huge set of CaptainSwan videos, that's all I've got at the moment. I'm sure there are more out there, and maybe I'll do another post someday when I find them (or we get new awesomeness because of S3B).

Have a magical day!