Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Day 372: Forfit

Remember back on like January 1st when I said I was going to do a Disney Fact a day? Yeah, not working so well for me. It's not really that it's hard to find Disney facts either (although it does take some time to make sure that the facts are correct), it's just that in general, it takes a lot of time.

It's no secret that while I generally intend to blog everyday of my life, I often get behind. Goodness, I've been behind this week again, and we're only a few days into 2014. Granted, exactly a year ago I was sick and also missed blogging, but still. Not good. Not good at all.

But truthfully, I wrote many of the blog posts for the past couple of days, it's just that I didn't have a chance to find my Disney Facts to add to the end and I didn't want to post them until they had the facts on the bottom. It's then that something occurred to me. All last year when I was doing Disney History, it was fun and everything, but I HATED finding the history. Ok, maybe I'm going a bit overboard here, because I did always find it to be really interesting, but sometimes things just got to be really busy, and to be honest, the number one reason I would get behind on my blog was not because I didn't have the time at the end of my day to sit down at my computer and write a blog post, but because I didn't have my History ready for that month.

If I'm going back to college in a few weeks, and I know that my schedule and classes are harder this semester, why should I be adding on hours of work that I really don't have to have? I'm not sure what, or if, the Disney History or Daily Disney Facts will be replaced with, but maybe something will come along eventually. For now I think it's just a better idea to focus on what IS on the blog...and to complete the rest of the missions I have set up for this year.

Plus, it's kind of hard to keep multiple New Years Resolutions, especially considering it's hard to keep just one. Let's just focus on that one...year two of Everyday Disney.

Have a magical day!