Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Day 380: Disney Princes

I love Youtube, and I follow a surplus of channels, most of which I don't even have time to watch anymore because I end up watching so much TV in conjunction with all my college classes and the work I do here and for the band trip. Yeah, I have a lot going on. But especially right now, since I'm on break, I have more time to catch up and watch some Youtube, and one of my favorite YouTubers is MrCheezyPop. I actually have a quote on my desk from Maxwell, at college, and for those of you who are fans of the Lizzie Bennet Diaries on YouTube, you'll know him as Mr. Colins.

Well yesterday his newest video was "Which Disney Prince is Your True Love?" which goes along with a BuzzFeed Article that doubles as a quiz, enabling you to find out which Disney Prince you would end up with. So, here's the article and his video:

So, I hope you took the quiz, but I'll let you know what I got. Aladdin. Apparently he's my true love. Funny because of all the Princes, he is honestly my least favorite. It's a personal preference of mine. I've just never liked the movie Aladdin. I think that it's a bit overrated, although I do enjoy the music. I'd much rather watch Tangled or something.

Speaking of Tangled...I'm pretty sure that my Disney Prince True Love would obviously be Flynn Rider. I mean...Flynn. Rider. Plus if you add in Han Solo and Hook, I must have a type. Or it's just the fact that when they created Flynn Rider they polled women on what they found most attractive in a man and then used the top results to create literally the most handsome man alive: Flynn Rider. 

I guess that could even count as a DFOTD even though I'm not doing that anymore, haha!

Have a magical day!