Saturday, January 25, 2014

Day 390: Back to College

On this lovely Saturday I did one thing and one thing far at least...and that one thing is move back into college. Of course, that includes a lot more than just walking into your dorm room (and mine for one was a serious mess). I had to unpack everything, and set my TV Back up, reorganize, get my books for the new semester, type up my schedule so I know where I'm going come Monday and now work on my know that thing that I've been slacking on for like the last two weeks.

It seems that when I'm home I don't really work on my blog as much, although you can obviously now see that the new design is up (not too different from the old one, but still new!) And it's got the new header as well as the new icons on the side to the left. At least I got that part of stuff done over break. Granted, I got plenty of other stuff done too, but it does actually annoy me when I have to catch up on my blog. I mean, I love writing, but when you have two weeks of blog posts to write it just gets to be a bit much.

I think the thing I'm most grateful for here at college must be just the fact that I'm here. I come back and once everything is put away, I feel so organized again! I mean, when all my books are organized neatly on my shelves and my food is put away and the clothes are back in the closet, everything just looks so normal again!

So now, time to focus back on actual work. The stuff that isn't just sitting around my house hopelessly checking twitter all day for any new information on Once Upon a Time. I'm talking like homework, and band trip stuff, and Disney stuff in general, and this blog! All of it! And boy do I have plenty of work to do!

In the words of Walt Disney, I should "Quit Talking and Begin Doing!"

Have a magical day!