Sunday, July 12, 2015

Day 923: Big Steps

For some strange reason, this blog post was an extra that got thrown in. So to clean things back up and put it in it's own place on a separate day, here's a post that was posted a while ago...reposted! 

It's no secret that there's been a lot of drama in my life over the past couple of years. My friend base has changed multiple times, and unfortunately those changes have all occurred over the timespan of our audition for and performance with Disney Performing Arts. It almost ruined the experience for me, to be honest, but I definitely see now that pushing forward was the right thing to do. 

However, that doesn't mean that things were forgotten. It's hard not to think about the way things used to be and the people you lost when presents from them hang all over your room, and in some cases, take up almost an entire wall. Despite any differences, you were once friends, and there comes a time when you have to make the choice on whether you should continue to hold a grudge and be angry or move on and take the positive road. I realized tonight on my drive home that if I want to be a positive person, I don't want these ghosts haunting from the corners of my life, and if I call myself positive then I have to be positive. So I was. 

I made a big step in repairing a relationship I lost tonight, and I realized just now that moments like those have very real Disney influences for me. Just a moment ago I happened to think of the next Disney movie on my rewatch list: The Fox and the Hound, where two very different friends still find a way to put aside their differences because of the friendship they once had. When it comes to trusting those who have hurt me, the road is a long one, and that's definitely something that reminds me of, you guessed it, Once Upon A Time. It's not as easy to gain my trust after the experiences I've had, but once you have it, it's worth it's weight in gold. You just have to remember that it might take a season or two before you get to that point. 

But in general, the past few years haven't been easy, but I don't want to live in the past. It's behind us for a reason and there's nothing we can do to change it. So we have to keep moving forward and learn from our mistakes, because the only way change happens in this world is if you embrase it and make it happen. 

Have a magical day!