Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Day 919: On the Table

It seems to me that since booking my next trip to Walt Disney World, I've definitely been stuck in a very Disney state of mind, which in my terms is 100% acceptable. It's probably not as nice for my friends, family and roommates, but as far as I go, I'm happy. Regardless, sometimes Disney is just there...on the our kitchen.

Every year my family enters projects at the county fair, which just happens to be held a whole five minutes from our house. Granted, I don't enter anymore, but my mom does, and so does my brother. However, photography tends to be a whole family affair, as we're all taking so many pictures all the time that we sort of loose track of who took what...meaning that once mom has the pictures edited and printed, we all sit down in the kitchen and pick out which ones should actually be entered into the fair. As you can see, the amount of Disney that's generally entered is pretty high...and this was just the vacation category...

Each year the categories Mom enters in vary a little bit, but pictures from Disney are definitely a huge part of our lives because we're all so into photography (although lately I've definitely taken up the video end of the spectrum). This isn't all we use the pictures for though, as most of these will end up in one of many photo albums. Our basement is filled with them, and I actually went through a few of them a while back and scanned some more pictures that I'm sure will end up on the blog here sooner rather than later. When Mom does finally go through and put them into the albums she does so by park, however, and that means that sometimes things get a bit hard to identify. I continuously impress people with my ability to look at a picture of the ground or a plant and correctly identify it's location at Walt Disney World. It's a game...and it's definitely one I love to play. 

Have a magical day!