Saturday, July 11, 2015

Day 922: The Old Stomping Grounds

2013 seems like much more than two years ago...seems more like two decades. Funny, considering that's how old I'll be turning this week so it's impossible for it to have been that long ago. Regardless, heading back to my childhood summer camp to visit some of my friends who now work there seemed like a great time to flashback to my last week of camp in 2013. The week was filled with Disney all over the place, not that it was surprising in the least. Attending a camp called MADD camp, which stands for Music, Arts, Dance, and Drama makes it pretty easy to expect Disney to find it's way into just about every day of the week! So now, looking back to my last year at Pilgrim Center, here's a few of my favorite memories: 

I actually forgot a picture of this existed until I went back to my blog post from the day, but here we have me getting hit with a frying pan as a part of our Five Minute Musical: Tangled! If you want to read our miniature synopsis, you can find it back on Day 175, but let's just say that I was very excited to have my favorite Disney movie as my group's musical. 

This is actually the picture that reminded me of how much Disney was stuck in my last week at Pilgrim Center, when we had a cookie decorating contest and I decided Minnie Mouse would be the best design option. Long story short, I won the competition and what I wouldn't give to have another of those cookies. Read about the cookie and more of the camp adventures on Day 176

I forgot this happened until I went back to Day 174 too! Every year at camp we make buttons as name tags so we can easily learn names throughout the entire camp. In 2012 I was lucky enough to find a Disney cartoon, which you can see on the button on the left, as my background for my button. And apparently, as I wrote about two years ago, going into my last year, I had no expectations to be as lucky again as to find a Disney themed background...until I found a Nat Geo from 1982 and a giant Spaceship Earth. 

And last but certainly not least when it comes to the Disney references at my last week of camp we have the Chihuly exhibit we had a chance to see. If you don't know much about Chihuly, you can read all about him and the exhibit we saw on Day 177, but basically he's a glass artist that's done beautiful sculptures for many locations I've visited, including some of the Disney cruise ships (although I'm not sure if they're still there at this point). 

Like I said, it's been a long time since I've actually attended camp at Pilgrim Center, but that doesn't mean it doesn't feel like a little bit of home to me. There were several years in the middle I didn't go, but I'm forever thankful that I decided to go back for my final two years because I met so many wonderful people that I can't imagine my life without now. If you want to read all of my posts on my last week of camp, they're in and around those I've listed here! 

Have a magical day!