Sunday, July 5, 2015

Day 916: Undisclosed Locations

When I end up going to a themed restaurant that even on the smallest level reminds me of Disney, I of course end up blogging about it, and this is another one of those times. However, instead of heading to the Drive In, Oktoberfest, or Beauty and the Beast, we took a different that led us straight into the heart of spydom.

For those that might not know about this popular restaurant, The Safe House is located...well...somewhere in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and is definitely a restaurant you won't forget about soon. In order to get in, once you find it that is, you either need to figure out the password or complete a mission, or, so I've heard, find your own way in via moving wall. Once inside you're seated and you order, but while you wait for your food you're given a list of missions to complete throughout the remainder of the restaurant. The entire place is covered with spy memorbelia and autographs, including a piece of the Berlin Wall, and as you complete missions you tend to find some other hidden secrets as well.

The food was pretty decent. I think it could be better considering how the rest of the restaurant is themed, but I still really enjoyed my salad and we had a good time exploring the restaurant. One of my roommates LOVES spy stuff, so she was thrilled to finally take us there. I'll have to bring the rest of the family down there some time...only I think I'll let them figure out their own way in.

Oh, and to get out you also have to do a bit of solving. But be careful...once you're out there's no way back in!

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on July 6 due to travel).