Monday, July 27, 2015

Day 938: Just Like TV

I've never really thought about it before, but with binge watching Friends, I've been thinking a lot about the titles of episodes. I famously know the titles to basically every episode of Once Upon A Time, going through and basically memorizing them as they're released...although that has more to do with figuring out DisneyBounds than it does being a crazy fangirl. Each title definitely tells us something about what could be happening in that episode. One of the more frequent questions I get with those OUAT DisneyBounds is how I always know which character to do for an episode, and I'm telling you right now that about half of it has to do with the title of the episode. Here are some examples:

For Episode 3x17, the title was "The Jolly Roger," signaling to me right away that the episode probably had something to do with my favorite pirate. But because I had already done a DisneyBound as Hook earlier in the season, I brought back his Naval uniform for a Killian Jones DisneyBound. Not directly related to what was happening in the episode, as the uniform was from 3x05 (Good Form), but definitely still related to Hook on so many levels. It also happens to be one of my favorites that I've done!

Another quick example is definitely 4x14: "Enter the Dragon," of course, we all knew it was going to have something to do with Maleficent, but I wanted to save that DisneyBound for later on in the season (and it worked out well as I used Maleficent for 4x20, "Mother"), so instead I went back to Maleficent's routes and DisneyBounded as Aurora! Perfect timing for it too as this is one of the last times we've seen the Princess on the show! 

Anyway, back to the point of the blog post. If you guys know Friends, then you'll know that every title is something like "The One With..." and then includes various elements relating to that specific episode. It's great because when there's an episode where Monica decides to make Jam, it's called "The One with the Jam," and everyone automatically knows what you're talking about. But what occurred to me this morning is the idea that, on TV shows, every episode has a different title. It never repeats, and it's always telling you something about what's to come. And do you know what that sounded like to me? 

This blog. 

Even here on Day 938, every single blog post has a different title. Some of them are definitely similar, but it never officially repeats. Not even posts about things such as the Everyday Disney Challenge have the same title. At most, every so often you'll have a collection of series, in which there will be a Volume Number that comes before the title, but other than that, everything is different, and over the past two and a have years there's definitely been some weird titles...

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Now, you're more than welcome to go back and find some of those blog posts to see what they're actually about, but I have to say that even just going through them and picking out a few to include here really reminded me of 1. How many blog posts I have and 2. The variety of topics I've included in the two and a hafl years of Everyday Disney. Then again, we're almost to Day 1000, which seems half impossible. I still remember day 100, and now it's been almost 900 days since then. Crazy.

Have a magical day!