Thursday, July 9, 2015

Day 920: The Newest Additions

Every once and a while things just seem to be in your favor and something you tried to do months ago that felt like it would take weeks actually ended up only taking a few hours...completely by chance. When I wrote "About Me Page" on my to-do list for the day, I didn't expect to sit at my college for almost four hours working out the kinks on not just one, but two new page additions to Everyday Disney, but that's how things ended up. And after hours of HTML work, picture editing on my computer, composition of new pages and a little bit magic, the newest additions to Everyday Disney are finally here!

When I signed on for my third year of blogging here at Everyday Disney, I knew that I wanted to change things a little more. The first year was very much a personal challenge, and the second year wasn't much different. But as I headed into 2015, I knew I wanted to make Everyday Disney more than just a personal hobby. I wanted to create something I could put on resumes and continue with professionally for a very, very long time. With that decision came the need for new elements and pages around the blog, especially with the addition of the Everyday Disney Challenge on Instagram.

First up was the Instagram live feed that's been in place underneath the 2015 header since the beginning of the year. I was given the idea by a different website that connected to an Instagrm through the same system, and after a bit of work I had it integrated here at Everyday Disney. The feed connects to my Instagram and brings the last 25 photos I've posted directly here and displays them on the blog, great for the Everyday Disney Challenge!

Then today I finally got around to the two new pages of the blog that I've been intending to add for at least a year or two now: the About and Photos pages, both of which you can now find links to in the right side bar of the blog. The About Page details the inspiration of how Everyday Disney came to be and a brief introduction to who I am without having to go through hundreds of blog posts, and the Photos page includes collections of my official OUAT DisneyBounds and Month by Month albums of the Everyday Disney Challenge. Over time new photos will be added to the page, and the About page will continued to be updated as it grows outdated.

As for other new pages that could make apperances in the future, it's up for debate, but for now I think we'll stick with just the two. After all, if you really want more Everyday Disney there's over 900 blog posts to go back and read from over two and a half years of blogging. It's a great accomplishment in my life, and I'm very excited to see where Everyday Disney continues to go in the future.

If you're a reader of the blog and are just lurking out there, this is one of those times when I ask for you to come out of the woodwork! Make your presense known! Leave a comment, share a post, send me a tweet, whatever you feel like! I love being a part of the Disney community and I love interacting with fellow Disney fans, and that means all of you!

Don't forget to check out the new pages and...

Have a magical day!