Thursday, July 2, 2015

Day 913: Operation Dole Whip

Fans of Once Upon A Time aren't strangers to the various operation names that surround the show. So far we've had several, incluing Operation Cobra, the original project in Season One, Operation Save Henry, the mission in Season 3, and, most recently, Operation Mongoose, which took place throughout Season 4. So when Frank and I decided we wanted to go back to Disney and finally figured out a time we'd both be able to go, we dubbed it Operation Dole Whip.

And somehow we managed to make it work.

That's right. In January 2016 we'll be headed back to Walt Disney World for more adventures of every kind, and I can tell you already that there are a lot of things in the works for this trip. From challenges to YouTube videos to games of hide and week, we're already hard at work planning things out.

But that's not what we're most excited for. Operation Dole whip is all about taking things at a relaxing pace and enjoying all that Disney has to offer. So instead of rushing around right away, we've decided that our first day won't be a park day at all, but rather a day to enjoy Old Key West and the other resorts, resting up for the next seven days of adventure time.

Which is where Everyday Disney comes in. We're planning, as I said, several challenges, but over the next few months here on Everyday Disney and on my Instagram I'll be looking for input from all of my followers on what food we should eat, things we should do and possible challenges we should take, so keep your eyes out and get ready for more of those Frank Flashses you can find in the vlogs from this past January!

Have a magical day!