Saturday, July 25, 2015

Day 936: An Awfully Big Adventure

Some of you may remember when I introduced a new piece of artwork to my dorm room last fall, in the shape of some canvas art with one of my all time favorite quotes on it:

Well, as much as we loved our little room 309 in VMC, all dorm room stunts must come to an end, and this fall we'll all be moving into a new townhouse for our Junior Year. Of course, a new, bigger home means there's more decorating to be done, and since I have a busy schedule this fall, I'm trying to get ahead of the game by finishing as much of the decorating as possible before I actually head back to SNC, and there's no better place to start than the bedroom I share with Megan.

You'll see more of how Disney made it's way into this new dorm room later in August, but you had better believe that I made a brand new quote canvas just for us, and this time, it's Hook themed...see? 

Actually, I'm not joking. It really is Hook themed, or Peter Pan themed rather. Well..sort of. It's a combination of some of the versions of Peter Pan out there. Below I've included the original mock ups of the canvas as well, just so you can sort of see what went into creating it. 

Which leads us to the finished product...

I'm absolutely in love with this new one, but then again, I also am in love with the first quote canvas I did. It'll make the perfect centerpiece on the big wall in our dorm room, and I can't wait to hang it alongside the other decorations we have. Oh...and of course, it'll go perfectly with Cardboard Colin! 

Have a magical day!