Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Day 932: Day One

I don't do a blog post on every one of the vlogs that go live on my YouTube, but with the beginning of a new trip, it felt right! That's right, we've finally concluded my January trip and have moved onto footage from June 2015, meaning all new adventures at Walt Disney World in the heat of summer. Of course, my June trip was considerably shorter, so we'll see how many videos actually come out of it (four at least), and then we'll head back for bloopers from January and June, or in other words, footage that didn't get into the vlogs because of limiting it time-wise.

So without further ado, here's the vlog to start out Walt Disney World June 2015:

Like I said, this is only the start of the June vlogs, and things are sure to get interesting from here! 

As for what's to come over on my YouTube, I still have new Friday Funday videos going up each week, with new vlogs appearing every Tuesday. Obviously, right now those vlogs are from WDW in June, but as soon as those wrap up and we get through that bloopers video it'll be onto DISNEYLAND! 

Have a magical day!