Friday, September 25, 2015

Day 998: At the Top

Since it's the Friday before Once Upon A Time returns and I needed a video topic that wouldn't take me an eternity to film (I had an extremely busy week), I thought it would be fun to do a quick video on some of my favorite episodes of my favorite TV show. It actually ended up being really fun, and even Cardboard Colin got in on the action:

Initially, my list had 10 episodes (if you include both that make up the Season 3 finale), but I narrowed it down to the few you can see in the video. I wanted to keep it short and sweet, definitely something difficult for a Once Upon A Time fangirl to do. I have so many favorite episodes that it was hard to pick 10, much less narrow it down to even less! So here, as an exclusive here on Everyday Disney, are a few of the episodes that didn't make the cut: 

1x04: The Price of Gold
1x07: The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
3x17: The Jolly Roger
4x02: White Out
4x04: The Apprentice

I do believe there were even more than that, but off the top of my head (which is getting pretty fuzzy as I finish catching up the blog before a big occasion on Sunday!), those are the ones that I could remember debating for the list! 

If you watch OUAT, let me know what your favorite episodes are in the comments below! case I didn't remind you enough in the video, Once Upon A Time returns this Sunday, September 27 at 8/7c on ABC. There's also a special on the hour before the premiere that will catch you up on everything Once if you're a bit behind! 

Have a magical day!