Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Day 1066: For the First Time in...Two Years?

It's sort of a shame when you're really into something one year, and by the same time the next year it's fallen out of favor. I suppose that's simply the way of life, of course, because as time goes on your interests change, especially due to the influence of those around you. When I left high school, Star Wars was pretty much my entire life, and by the time I made it to college, I was surrounded by people more interested in Once Upon A Time than Han Solo and Luke Skywalker. So I went along with it, and the more I got into OUAT, the more Star Wars fell out of favor, and suddenly I woke up and realized I hadn't even watched the films in a couple of years.

I used to watch The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi almost daily. Since I had both the VHS and DVD copies (and later BluRay as well), it was easy to watch them over and over again. In fact, I got so used to them playing in the background, I just let them go while I was doing homework. They were my background noise that, over time, made it easier to do homework (especially Empire, because I'd work during the Luke parts and watch during the Han parts). I had almost every line memorized, and even my cat came to like the films and would join me whenever they were on.

So with the new film coming out this Christmas, I knew that I had to do something. While I still know the films incredibly well, I needed a refresher. Like so many of my fellow Star Wars fans, I set out to watch the entire trilogy before heading to the theater to see the new film, and somehow, I managed to accomplish this task. I watched all six films before going to see The Force Awakens.

I did, however, watch them in an incredibly strange order. Because I prefer the original trilogy (and I've seen the entire saga so many times before), I decided to start with Episode I to see the more chronological version of the series, and I managed to watch I and II in the same night. I was working on a music analysis project and a paper at the same time, which meant I was probably more focused on Carnival of the Animals than I was Star Wars, but I still watched them!

Then, when I returned home for a weekend, my brother and his friends decided to watch Episode IV, which led to a really late, midnight watch of V that same night (I unfortunately fell asleep part way through and JUST MISSED the carbonate scene. I woke up at "is he alive Calrissian?" and I was oh so angry), but I still counted it. I've seen that one more than any of the others anyways. Then a couple of days later I ended up going back to watch Episode III because my brother didn't want to watch on that night because he had work to get done (he ended up watching the end anyways). And finally, the night before heading to see The Force Awakens we finished up with Episode VI. So by the end I watched it in the order of I, II, IV, V, III, VI. Strange, I know.

But now, somehow, Star Wars has infiltrated my life once again, and I find myself more excited about Han Solo and Chewbacca than most other things. It's sort of nice, going back to such familiar territory so I can celebrate the release of a new film with my fellow Star Wars fans, and don't even get me started about how excited I am to attend Season of the Force at Hollywood Studios in a few weeks!

In summary...Star Wars is awesome.

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on December 25).