Sunday, December 20, 2015

Day 1084: A New Favorite


Just remember, if you don't want spoilers, you've been warned!

Due to...recent events...I've realized that now I'm going to have to choose a new favorite character. Don't get me wrong, Han will always be my all time favorite, but I need to look forward to something as we continue through Episodes VIII and IX (I even got those roman numerals right on the first try. Way to go Star Wars, teaching me things). Of course, we have a few contenders here...

I want to hate him...I want to hate him so much, but at the same time Kylo Ren is a Solo, and even if he did murder his own father, there's still a part of me that really, really likes him. I can't quite put my finger on it, but it's interesting to see how he is similar and how he differs from Vader and even Luke. Plus, you have to admire his hair. 

Go on, try to tell me BB-8 isn't the cutest little droid you've ever seen. I kind of knew even before I saw the film that I was going to like him, but I didn't realize how much until I saw Episode VII for the first time. I want one of my very own immediately. 

You have to admire Rey in this movie. It'd almost be wrong not to. Considering the fact that she's basically the new main character of the franchise, I'm extremely interested in finding out who her parents are, how she got to Jakku, and what happens now that she's found Luke. I'm also thrilled to see another strong female lead in a Star Wars film, and Rey definitely brought me back to the days of a young Carrie Fisher on screen! 

Now, it seems that when there's Rey, there's also usually Finn, who I'm pretty sure is my best friend's favorite character. Finn really surprised me, and I found myself laughing constantly at his lines, whether they were shared with Rey, Poe, or Han. Absolutely constant laughter with this guy, and you have to admire his bravery, escaping from the First Order and all. 

But ultimately, I can feel one character pulling into the lead for the race for my favorite. Poe Dameron was the character I didn't even know existed (sounds about like every other favorite character), and in typical fashion, he took no time in "dying." You can imagine my relief to find him alive and well, and his relationships with Finn and BB-8 make my life. Of course it would be the best pilot that happens to gain my attention's not like I have a type here or anything (ahem...Han and Killian...ahem). 

Favorite characters, especially this early on, can be hard to determine, but I certainly need someone to pull me through now that Han is gone. We'll see what happens when I see the film a few more times and then after we get two more episodes. One thing is for sure's about to be a long, wild ride. 

Who's your favorite new (or old) Star Wars character? Let me know in the comments! 

Have a magical day! 

(Note: This blog post was written on December 22).