Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Day 1079: Lights on Lights on Lights

With the Osborne Lights coming to a conclusion at the end of this holiday season, I can't help but be...well...pretty sad. As much as I miss the original lights I grew up with as a kid, it's always hard to see a tradition at Disney go. But Christmas light shows go far beyond the Dancing Lights at Hollywood Studios. So I did a bit of research and found a few of my 2015 favorites to share with you!

We absolutely have to start out with some Star Wars, because that's really what this 2015 holiday season is all about. Maybe Disney could just do the Osborne Lights in Star Wars land and time them all to Star Wars music? I think it would work pretty well!

And then there's this, which just flat out TAKES THE CAKE: 

I was only about halfway through my research when I found that one, but now that I found it I don't even want to find something else. I'm done. This video wins. 

I'm apparently a bit bias when it comes to IllumiNations. 

Have a magical day, and share some of your favorites in the comments below! 

(Note: This blog post was written on December 22).