Friday, December 11, 2015

Day 1075: Goodness Gracious Me

With the release of the new Star Wars film, Lucasfilm and Spotify have teamed up to let you know what Star Wars character you would be based on what kind of music you listen to. Basically you sign in through Spotify and and it matches you based on what you listen to the most. And don't worry - if you don't have a Spotify account you can still play along! It'll give you a selection of various musicians, from which you pick 5. From there it'll match you to your Star Wars alter ego. 

Usually, when I do things like this I obviously hope for my favorite character. After all, how awesome would it be to be Han Solo? However, this time things went a bit south...

To be fair, this analysis is probably pretty accurate. Because I spend so much of my time working on homework, I do listen to mainly instrumental orchestral music, and since I'm a music major, Brahms has become a huge part of my life. Actually, a chat with C-3PO about Classical Music kind of sounds fun...for about two minutes. 

Then again, I wonder what all the other characters would listen to? Han is probably some sort of hard rock, and Vader sounds like a Wagner kind of guy. According to the Spotify match, Darth Maul would listen to some serious heavy metal, and I'm personally between some super Indie and Hippie music for Yoda or something very calm and naturalistic. You know, the music with birds in it. Now I'm kind of torn, and I'm spending way too much time going through and finding out what all the characters would listen to. 

Maybe I'll stick with 3PO though...because as far as I'm concerned, he has pretty good taste. Also, you never heard me say that

Let me know which Star Wars character you matched up to in the comments below! 

Have a magical day! 

(Note: This blog post was written on December 23).