Saturday, December 12, 2015

Day 1076: Six Reasons

As we approach the end of 2015, we have to start thinking ahead to next year, especially in regards to when we'll find ourselves at the Disney Parks. Being the Disney blogger I am, I follow pretty much every form of social media the company has to offer, and recently, as with every year, I've come across the articles titled things like "Six Reasons to Visit Disneyland in 2016." And those articles give lots of great reasons as to why this next year is going to be the greatest time to visit the parks. Read one of them HERE at the Disney Parks blog, which honestly makes me want to head back to Disneyland more than ever.

Still, it occurred to me while reading yet another of these posts that there are certainly some reasons why we should visit the Disney Parks every year, not just 2015 or 2016! So, since we are headed to 2016, here's six reasons why you should visit the Disney Parks!

1. From One to One Hundred

The Disney Parks are for absolutely everyone. Young or Old, Thrill Seekers and Calm Creatures alike, the Disney Parks across the world offer a wide range of experiences that are sure to satisfy everyone! In other words, if you're looking to meet the Disney Princesses, you can do that! But if you'd rather take a turn in the Twilight Zone, you can do that too!

2. Classic Attractions!

There's nothing quite like a tour on the Haunted Mansion or a battle with some buccaneers on Pirates of the Caribbean, and with the classic attractions that have become staples in the parks and the theme park world, there's never a better time to experience them first hand than right now!

3. The Smell of Fresh Paint

Well, hopefully you won't be smelling the Fresh Paint itself (unless Goofy spilled some again), but the newest additions to the Disney Parks come all year round, and regardless of when you visit, there's sure to be a new and exciting experience awaiting. In 2015 Disneyland brought World of Color: Celebrate! and Disneyland Forever, as well as Paint the Night, and Season of the Force took over on both coasts! In 2016, Soarin' Around the World will premiere at both Disney California Adventure and Epcot, and new experiences at Disney's Animal Kingdom will begin to thrill guests of all ages. But in the future, there's still Star Wars Land, Pandora: The World of Avatar, Disneyland Shanghai, and plenty of other brand new attractions to come!

4. Unlike Anything Else

Disney Parks have always offered unique experiences, from high-quality dining to some of the greatest resorts in the world. Regardless of where you call home at the Disney Parks and Resorts, you can bet that the quality, service, and expertise will have you coming back sooner rather than later. You could probably even call it your home away from home!

5. Family and Friends

One of my personal favorite parts about heading to the Disney Parks is the chance I have to spend time with my family and friends. My love of Disney began through family vacations to Walt Disney World, and now I've had the spectacular opportunity to share my home with some of my closest friends. You can do that too, and take it from me, the memories you make with your family at the Disney Parks will be ones that last a lifetime.

6. Magical Moments

More than anything else, the Disney Parks are absolutely filled with magic. From a child meeting their favorite character for the first time, to a magical moment you couldn't have seen coming, you never quite know when a bit of pixie dust will appear in your vacation!

And those are my top six reasons that you should visit the Disney Parks, regardless of when it is! Although, just between you and me, I rather think 2016 is a great time. Why? Because it's much sooner than later!

What are your top 6 reasons to visit the Disney Parks?

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on December 23).