Saturday, February 1, 2014

Day 397: FBLA - Level: Chaperone

I am so tired right now that I'm honestly starting to question whether or not writing this blog post is a good humor me with my mistakes (I'm trying to get myself past that state of tiredness where I am no longer tired so I can work on my philosophy homework yet tonight).

Why am I so tired you ask?

Well, I was up at the wonderful hour of 5 this morning so I could go along with my High School FBLA Chapter to their Regional Competition. We had to be at school at 6:15, so that meant an early wakeup call for every single one of us. But it's always a fun day, so it's not like you can complain too much. Plus, this year it was in Kewaunee, and I have family there, so I got to see some of them today, which was pretty awesome if I do say so myself.

And you know what, while I don't specifically have a picture of it, a little bit of Disney did work its way into the competition today, specifically in a workshop on leadership. I missed the first couple of minutes of the workshop because I escorted someone out so they could leave with their parent, but I was there for most of it, including the Disney part.

One of the speakers talked about the four different kinds of leaders, and he used animals to describe them: The Golden Lion, The Loyal Blue Retriever, The Busy Beaver (or something like that) and the something or other Monkey (I honestly don't remember what it was other than it was Curious George on the slide). Now, the Lion, that was Mufasa...and I felt accomplished because even at first glance I knew it was Mufasa and not Simba (also everytime I write Mufasa I just hear it in like a hyena voice LOL). And then the Beaver wasn't really a beaver at all, but was the groundhog (I think it is) from Winnie the Pooh. The speaker was saying that he couldn't find an actual cartoon beaver that we would know and I was like "LADY AND THE TRAMP!" Except for quiet and only to my friends.

So now I'm sitting here trying not to fall asleep while my cat sits on my lap and does just that: fall asleep. Silly kitten.

Have a magical day!