Friday, February 14, 2014

Day 410: Have a Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

A year ago, surprisingly enough, I did NOT do a post on Valentine's Day itself (although I did mention it), but since it seems to be an actually really big thing (its just everywhere on Campus), I suppose I'll actually make a blog post about it.

In reality though, I just wanted to share some of my absolute favorite Valentine's people have come up with this year. Like seriously, these are great...

Villains seem to be a popular theme this year. I blame Hans. These first three are from Keith Lapinig, and then there are some directly from Disney...because they're awesome.

Or, if you prefer, we have THIS Hook, more Irish, less Waxed Mustache and Perm: 

And then we have these, directly from Oh My Disney. Jack Sparrow and Flynn Rider for the win. On a side note, my best friend sent me the second one (America) on Pinterest saying "A Tribute to all nations but mostly America, right? This is a thing!" It was a proud moment for Lizzie.

And so, I hope you laughed as some of these Valentines. I actually didn't send any out, because the week has just been super busy and I didn't have time to print any (although I did send the Hook one to someone). Megan gave us all Valentine's that said "Some people are worth melting for" though, and it was super adorable. Thanks Shovell! =)

Me? I spent my Valentine's Day the same way I always do, Han style...Solo!

Have a magical Valentine's Day!