Sunday, February 2, 2014

Day 398: The SuperBowl

Let's start out with this: I did not actually watch the SuperBowl.

I'm not kidding. A bunch of people here on Campus DID watch the Superbowl, but instead I sat at my desk and worked on homework the whole time. That's college for you (especially when you spent a bunch of time doing other stuff on the weekend so you didn't get your homework done until Sunday).

But that's ok. Honestly I generally only watch the Superbowl for the commercials anyways. So it's time for the yearly superbowl commercial review! And there were a few that I really loved this year!

Seriously, I LOVE the Budweiser commercials. They get cuter every single year. I mean, PUPPIES AND HORSES!?! Absolutely adorable. Although I loved last year's too! Gosh, can we just have cuteness like this all the time? 


Seriously, I LOVE Full House, so this officially gets my pick as favorite SuperBowl ad of the year. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. 

This Microsoft Commercial is simply beautiful. 

Ok, how can you not love the Muppets? I saw this and was like "MUPPETS!" Here's the extended song, because it's awesome. 

Speaking of the Muppets...they also had a new ad for their new movie! Gosh March 21...MARCH CANNOT COME FAST ENOUGH! 

GoldieBlox won the ad competition for a free ad on the superbowl...and awesome enough, the Midwest launch of the toy was RIGHT HERE at SNC! Plus, it's one of those Fairy Tale references, since the name is obviously inspired by Goldilocks! 

And finally, we have to have a little bit of Ellen on this post. She did a Beats Commercial that also had a Goldilocks spin. Plus we get to see Ellen dancing...which is just awesome. Probably my second favorite commercial of the day that I've seen. It's hilarious. 

So now that you've spent a bunch of time watching all of those videos (if you watched them all that is), I'll let you go. I have plenty of other blog posts I need to get done yet! 

Have a magical day!