Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Day 421: #NoMoreSpoilers

Guys, I've hit my breaking point.

This morning I was sitting in music theory and scrolling through Twitter while we were waiting for our professor to cue up a video. Over the past few days, the spoilers for Once Upon A Time have been thick, like a ton of them, and as I went through past the different Once twitter accounts I follow and their tweets that basically all had spoilers about New York City Serenade, I was like "NO!!!!!!!!" And proceeded to unfollow all the unofficial Once accounts (I am still following like the official Once twitter, and of course all the actors and writers I currently have. I take pride in the fact that I follow just about every single one of them).

So no more twitter spoilers.

And then I went on my phone onto Tumblr and logged out, and since getting my new phone, I haven't transferred my passwords from my old one to my new one. Because they're all different I keep them in a protected thing on my phone, and only memorize the ones I log into all the time: my email, school accounts, blogger and Facebook. That's it. I honestly don't even remember my twitter password. If I for some reason get logged out I have to go back into my old phone and figure out what the password is.

In other words, no more tumblr.

Which leaves me with official spoilers, promos and Ginnifer Goodwin, who regularly posts articles with spoilers and then I read them, as well as her Behind the Scenes countdown for S3B. But I figure those are official enough for me to be looking at them.

So no spoilers on Instagram other than Ginny's.

On Facebook I never followed any spoilers...so none there.

Pinterest is free too, as I unfollowed Once Boards a really long time ago the last time I went on Spoiler Hiatus.

I still follow several Once fans on YouTube however, which I find to be ok, as long as I'm careful with what I watch. Back when they released the CaptainSwan kiss, we avoided it like the plague so we wouldn't see it before Good Form actually came out (WHICH IS ONE OF TWO EPISODES THEY'RE SHOWING BEFORE THE NEW ONE!!!! That means it's important), but then we watched one of the fan videos and saw the kiss anyways. But these people are super talented and I love watching all the videos they come up with, so I'll just leave that be. I'm not expecting to see anything until after the new episode anyways.

And so, it is like a weight is lifted from my shoulders. I feel so much better about life. And Megan, my roommate (and Shovell too haha), I'm mentioning you by name this time, I think I might actually be ok. Maybe. We'll see.

Have a magical day!