Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Day 400: Times Four

Goodness Gracious Me! Four Hundred Days of Blogging here! Granted I'm behind again, but I've got very little class today and plan on working the entire day through on my homework and the blog and everything. I'm determined this time, and I'm going to finish all of this!

But aside from that, 400 days. Honestly I talk about it all the time, but I was surprised when I hit Day 100, and to be here writing about Day 400, that's ridiculous. Absolutely Crazy. I never thought that I would make it this far!

So let's do this in multiples of four, since today is February FOURTH, Twenty FOURteen, and it's day FOUR hundred. That means that today is going to be a bit random, but I have FOUR big things to talk about! The question is, do I start out with the most exciting one, or do I do the least exciting one first? I don't know, they're all pretty exciting.

Number 1: WDWPhotoADayFeb2014

You guys remember how I did Frumpstagram back at the end of last year, right? Well, I think I'm going to try and do these Disney Photo Challenges more often. I've got tons of great new pictures from Florida from my parent's recent trip, and since I'll be headed back in both March AND June, I'm sure I'll have pictures galore.

That means that when I realized it was a new month and other people were beginning to do their own photo challenges for February, I decided that I might as well join it. Boy are there some tough ones this month too! Here's the list, and since it's only Day 4, if you want to join in there's still time! And then down below I have my first four pictures for the month. I won't be posting them every single day like I usually do, but I'll probably do a post at the end of the month. You can always follow me on Instagram to see them all as I post them! =)

Number 2: Featured Attraction Friday

If I ever catch up on the FAF from January, I've got the February posts lined up (and will hopefully be working on writing them out later today so I don't have to get behind again...especially since February is a very busy month for me). Remember how January had a theme of "Starting Out?" Well February is Fairy Tale Month, in honor of the fact that I'm in the middle of my Classic and Contemporary Fairytales Class! 

That means I can also announce which of the wonderful attractions we'll be looking at this month! In just a few days, on February 7, we'll be looking a bit closer at the Prince Charming Regal Carrousel (yes that's spelled right according to the WDW Website). It works great because I just read Cinderella in Class! Then we'll check in on one of my current favorites, largely thanks to a certain pirate, Peter Pan's Flight! The week after that I'll be reading Alice in Wonderland in class, so it only makes sense for me to take a look at the Mad Tea Party. And finally, to round out the month with our last post of February we will take a closer look at the Swiss Family Treehouse. Hopefully I'll have Swiss Family Robinson read by then! 

Number 3: A Little Bit of SSE

While this isn't really an announcement, I figure it should really go into today's blog post since I really was just talking about this about an hour ago. 

You know how often I relate things from my classes to Disney, and this is honestly one I've been waiting for for a while. That's right, in Music History we've past the cavemen and the Egyptians and the advancements in Rome and Greece and then the BBQ sauce smell of the burning of Rome. We've hit the Renaissance! 

This time period was a bit one when it comes to music, as things finally branched out from the strict rules that the church imposed on composers. Of course, we talked a little bit about art as well, but honestly I had a bit of a hard time focusing on the entire thing, mostly due to the fact that I had "In 1450, Gutenberg invents the movable type printing press. Now knowledge can travel as fast as these new books, and travel they do. Books make it easier to invent the future in every field, and the result is an incredible explosion of innovation we call the Renaissance." And then I just got Hallelujah stuck in my head. 

There's actually a story behind the Hallelujah part of SSE for me, of the entire Renaissance portion actually. Back when they refurbished SSE to create the new version, I was lucky enough to get on it before it's grand reopening (the terror that I wouldn't be able to ride SSE at all on that vacation was awful...but it was ok, I got on it). Either way, the VERY FIRST TIME I was on the refurbished version, we got stuck. Stopped to load someone or unload or for some other random reason. What ever it was, we got stuck right in the Renaissance portion, just about to head into the next room, but stuck under the scaffolding...and still very much listening to Hallelujah and the Renaissance theme. Goodness it was ridiculous. I mean, it's a wonderful arrangement they have on the attraction, but that song will forever be stuck in my head. 

Number 4: Adam Horowitz

This is probably the most exciting of the four. And as my roommate can attest to, I was literally freaking out when this happened last night. Like I was in my bunk and I was shaking and Shovell (My best friend Megan...it gets confusing because my roommate is also named Megan) texted me and said she was surprised I didn't faint. 

So this is what happened: 

To be honest, I didn't think it was going to work. I tweet the ONCE cast and Adam (one of the creators) all the time, but I generally don't get a response. I mean, I don't blame them. In the case of Jennifer Morrison she has like 300,000+ Followers on Twitter...and if they all tweet her there would be just too many tweets to go through. Someday I'll get a response, but when that happens it may not be in the form of a tweet. More on that later though. 

And then, after this happened I couldn't sleep, of course. It took me a good hour (although that hour was filled with my roommate and I going through our old tweets and wondering why we aren't twitter famous yet) to calm down and actually fall asleep. 

But let's just say that I'm still happy and in a wonderful mood on this fine Tuesday morning because of it. Thanks Adam! 

And that's about it for today (honestly I don't think I could top that last one unless for some reason Harrison Ford walked into this building or I got a tweet from Colin or JMo). I mean, I did say that today was a celebration of four, not five or six (maybe when we hit those days haha!) 

Have a magical day!