Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Day 408: Norwegian Fairy Tales

Classic and Contemporary Fairy Tales is a fun class. Like, a really fun class. I mean, we laugh all the time, and it's really really interesting to see how everything fits together so perfectly when it comes to these stories and the different versions. I mean, here and there you can see these little snippets of things that came through in the Disney films or on Once Upon A Time. And sometimes, you can even find connections to Disney things in places you least expect.

Today we started out class by watching a story called "The Ashlad and his Good Helpers." The main character, The Ashlad, is the star of many different Norwegian folk tales, and when it comes to the story you can watch by clicking the link below, I only had one thought on my mind (ok...other than the whole flying ship thing that made me super distracted because of OUAT).

You can watch The Ashlad and his Good Helpers here! 

Anyone have an idea as to what was running through my mind?

If you guessed Epcot and World Showcase and the Norway Pavilion and Trolls and Maelstrom, then you'd be exactly right.

I mean, I guess it is a Norwegian fairy tale so it would make plenty of sense for it too all match up, but I still had to laugh a little bit because of how these things find me. No wonder I am so winning at the fairy tale spotting contest. I don't even look and these things find me!

Who knows what I'll learn next time? At this rate blogging for this first semester should be super easy!

Have a magical day!