Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Day 415: Disney Deja Vu

By definition, Deja Vu is "a feeling of having already experienced the present situation." We seem to have this all the time, right? I mean, often enough I'll suddenly feel like I've seem something before, more often than not in a dream. And I feel like it is safe to say that we will all, at some point in our lives, experience this.

But lately something weird has been going on...really since I came back to college. For lack of a better term, I have deemed it "Disney Deja Vu." So what's the definition of this? I honestly don't know, especially since it isn't always as much a situation as it just is a feeling. For example, here are some of my Disney Deja Vu moments from the past few weeks. We'll start with today and then go backwards as I can remember them:

1. Air

This honestly is going to sound really strange, but it's warm outside in Wisconsin (FOR ONCE IN OUR LIVES) and for some strange reason, despite the fact that it is still about 50 degrees warmer in Florida, it FEELS like Florida outside. Just something about the atmosphere reminds me of a morning at Disney. Maybe it's just the fact that it's morning, or that my brain is just going crazy from my medication and the warmer weather, but I swear it felt that way. It's nice.

2. Train Whistles 

I live in De Pere (at the moment because of college), and there happens to be a train track not far off our campus...meaning that whenever a train goes through, we can generally hear it, especially if you have your window open or are walking outside (Although if it's quiet enough outside and in your dorm you can often hear it through the window too). Of course, the whistle isn't quite the same, but it's kind of hard NOT to think about Disney when there are trains around.

3. Open Windows and Construction

This one confuses even me. Like a lot. But for some super strange reason it just is this way. The dorm I live in is right across the street from the new Science Building they are working on (or remodeling I guess). Either way, they've been working on it all year, and that means that at promptly 6:30 every morning, construction sounds begin. At the beginning of the school year it would wake us up. Now we just sleep through it. But because it's actually somewhat warm outside, and our dorm room has been like a sauna and my roommate and I hate that, we've had the window cracked for the last few days to keep it at a better temperature (leave it to us people from Wisconsin to open our windows when it's 30 degrees out). Anyways, so because our window is cracked, those construction sounds once again come into our dorm room, along with the quiet sounds of the city that surrounds our campus. Why does this remind me of Disney? I have absolutely no clue.

4. Saxophones

Ok, this one happened the other day and actually makes a lot of sense. I was sitting in the music lobby on Sunday morning, having just dropped my "kids" (High Schoolers staying with me for Winter Band Fest) off again and waiting for Megan and Katie to eat breakfast for real (because the High Schoolers had a limited one and I was hungry!) While I was waiting, some of the kids were warming up in the theory room that is just off the music lobby where I sit and work all day. They were playing just a few random notes, but they just happened to pick the one note that reminds me of one thing and one thing only: Disney Boats. You know, how they blow the horn as they come into the dock or pass another boat or basically go anywhere? Yeah...that horn. The saxophone sounded EXACTLY like it and I was just like "When did I get to Disney?"

Wondering what the sound was exactly? Here's a video with the horn on it if you skip ahead to about 1:15 (the horn is as 1:20 or 1:21 exactly).

5. Wind Ensemble

I honestly can never remember where it is or what song it is in (I should have made a note of it), but there was this one moment in one of our pieces that I was just like "DISNEY BUT I DON'T KNOW WHERE!" I'm kind of thinking it had something to do with Impressions de France again, but who really knows. Either way, it gave me some serious Disney Deja Vu.

I know there are a few more, but it's kind of hard to keep track of them when I don't write them down all the time. Either way, maybe it's just my medication (although when the saxophone was playing I wasn't on meds at all), or maybe I really am truly going crazy while waiting for March to get here, but I think I made a pretty fair point. Disney Deja Vu is a thing.

Have a magical day!