Sunday, February 9, 2014


It's not really a secret to anyone that knows me that March is going to be just about the best month ever this year. SO MUCH IS HAPPENING, and it all starts exactly a month from today (ok...less than because really this is a countdown to March'll understand in a minute). BUT STILL!

So what's so exciting about March? Let's review, why don't we?

March 2: The Oscars

Who isn't excited for these? Especially since Idina Menzel is performing!!! You can bet I'll be watching, as long as I'm not totally downridden with Homework or completely freaking out over the fact that a week later...


There are not enough words on the planet to describe how excited I am for the return of my favorite TV show. I've been ready since December for it to come back, but I have to say that I'm pretty proud of how I've handled this hiatus. I mean, Once has played a very important role in my life since coming to college, so I'm excited for it to return. And I mean it. Without OUAT I wouldn't be taking my Fairy Tales class right now, and I am enjoying that to the ends of the earth. It also gives me something to get my mind off of just about any problem in the world...unless the problem is whether or not Hook will ever end up with Emma. Then it solves no problems. Either way: #WickedIsComing and I am more than ready.

On a side note, I guess you could say that I'm excited for March 6 too, since Wonderland returns then!

March 17 : St. Patrick's Day

I'm just excited. It's a thing that happens when one of your favorite actors is

March 18 : WALT DISNEY WORLD continue from my last one, yes, on the 18th I head out to WDW! I'M SO EXCITED! Even if I will be spending literally the entire trip with a video camera in my hand, rushing from attraction to attraction to get all the video that I need (there are a few things I can probably push off...meaning that I'll do it by a list of importance, but I have to get most of it or else I'll be doomed come summer when I try to make this video). Either way, any little bit of time spent at home is a great time...and I could not be more excited. And yes, don't worry...I AM WAY MORE EXCITED ABOUT THIS THAN I AM FOR ONCE!!!!

OH YEAH! Also on March 18...there's another AWESOME THING that happens: FROZEN IS RELEASED TO DVD!!!! I haven't been this excited about a DVD since Tangled (which, in case you were wondering...still beats out for my favorite Princess Movie. Frozen hits in at a strong #2).

Also in March let's remember that CATCHING FIRE comes out on DVD, and on March 21, Divergent is released to Theaters, as is MUPPETS MOST WANTED!

Gosh March is going to be awesome! I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff too...but MARCH!

Have a magical day!