Sunday, February 16, 2014

Day 412: The Little Match Girl

Fairy Tales update time!

We've been reading SO MANY of the classic fairy tales that we see in Disney, I mean A LOT of them. I'll have to binge watch a bunch of movies some time. Probably the weekend when Once Upon A Time comes back and I'm going literally insane. That will be the time to watch them all.

But in our Fairy Tale sightings competition, someone shared this video, which is Disney's version of Hans Christian Anderson's "The Little Match Girl." It's actually quite a sad fairy tale, but I'll let you watch it first:

This short was originally made for a third version of Fantasia titled Fantasia 2006. When they didn't make the film, they included this short on the most recent version (so 2006) of The Little Mermaid, which makes perfect since that original tale was ALSO written by Hans Christian Anderson. 

Either way, the story is about a little girl who is trying to sell matches in the middle of the cold winter, but no one wishes to buy them from her. In the original tale, she lives with an abusive father, and so she doesn't want to go home. Instead, she ends up in a small alley, using her matches to keep warm. Only it doesn't work, and eventually she dies. You can see this happening through the scenes with her grandmother. Those occur in the original story too. I mean, they're a little different. But either way, this short is overall very close to the tale by Anderson. Like really close. Great Job Disney! 

Have a magical day!